Bihar observes bandh for dead boy who turns up alive in Delhi

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    Bihar observes bandh for dead boy who turns up alive in Del | India - Oneindia News

    Patna, Oct 15: In a major setback for Lalu Prasad Yadav and other opposition leaders, the dead boy for whom they were protesting against the ruling state government demanding Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's resignation has turned up alive.
    Prashant, whose reported death created ruckus in the state which has observed bandh on Friday, Oct 15, arrived at Delhi court with a girl Preeti. His arrival at the court in the national capital shocked all as people back in his state were harassed and got one of the most bitter experience during the bandh.
    RJD leader and former CM of the state was detained while leading a protest march demanding removal of Nitish Kumar government from the state. Transport was disrupted as several trains were stopped by protesters and buses stayed off the roads.
    The Toofan Express and Garib Rath had to be halted at Arrah railway station as bandh supporters were squatting on the tracks. Some of those on board the Sharamjivi Express were injured in stone pelting at Nalanda.
    The discovery of a headless body in Madhubani district nearly two weeks ago triggered the unrest. Close relatives of Prashant, who was missing for some time, averred that the body was his. However, police refused to hand over the body to them claiming that they could not hand over any dead body without having concrete evidence regarding the family's claim.
    A large number of Madhubani residents staged an agitation over this issue on Oct 12 and 13. When the stir turned violent, policemen fired at the mob. Though the state government has ordered a judicial probe into the incident, tension still simmers in Madhubani and adjoining areas.
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    That is Indian politics for you in all its grandeur!

    Laloo is a great cuntry man!

    He cares!

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