Big lives, small feet; China's foot-binding pride

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    While the foot binding may appear horrendous and cruel to many, I am sure our Chinese posters would be able to tell us of the social and scientific reasons as to its origin and why it was done till the Communists came to power.

    There are always good social and scientific reasons in many of the old customs that some people followed and which others could not understand. Thus, in China, men wearing pigtails and women having their foot bound may have some good reasons, which others cannot fathom.

    In fact, pony tails by men are in fashion these days in quite a few parts of the world which was laughed at by them earlier.

    So was the custom which is a rage in the world of having tattoos or men wearing ear rings.

    In China the Yues were declared 'barbarians' because they had tattooed their bodies, but today, quite a few men and women tattoo their whole body and have rings not only on their ears but at odd places of the anatomy, including their genitalia!

    Maybe one day, the West will also understand the wonders of women with bound feet!

    The world is really an interesting place.

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