Bhardwaj joins 'bring Priyanka' chorus

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    There is no doubt that the Congress Party is bursting at it seems. A capsizing ship like the Titanic.

    That Rahul Gandhi's leadership has been a dismal one required no elaboration, but the voices are stifled and those who dared were shown the door and so none dare.

    Therefore, the next step is to accuse tangentially by raising the Priyanka issue, knowing fully well that that too is an impossibility since there is the baggage of the sly Vadra who has squirrelled off the wealth of heaven know whose into dubious deals under the protective umbrella of Aunty. I would be surprised if Vadra alone amassed that huge wealth. Therefore, Vadra is a huge handicap that Priyanka will not be able to shy off from.

    Bhardawaj and Thomas and all like them are giving subtle hints, without raising the hackle, that the baton of leadership should be passed to competent leaders and that Nehru Gandhis has gone past the expiry date and are now not fit for electoral 'consumption'.

    Politics is never a clean career. Too many skeletons are in everyone's cupboard. Hanging on to power encourages you scratch my back and I scratch yours, no matter who is in Govt.

    That is why the Lalit Mishra train bomb blast case has laboured along from 1978 and still is yet to find the end of day and justice being delivered. When it happened, there were many conspiracy theories, but even so, it will still never see the light of day. Politics and political immunity?

    Therefore, it will be suicidal for the Nehru Gandhis to quit this protective political shield.

    As far as Chidambaram is concerned, he seems to be mired in many controversies concerning money and favours if this is to be believed.

    Whatever be the case, hopefully the idiom - When thieves fall out, honest men come by their own - will take hold to save the Congress Party.
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