BGB shoots dead Indian smuggler

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    BGB shoots 'Indian smuggler' dead at Hili in Dinajpur

    Dinajpur Correspondent,

    Published: 2015-04-07 21:20:12.0 BdST

    Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel at Dinajpur’s Hili have shot an alleged Indian smuggler dead.

    The deceased was identified as ‘Biton’, 33, of Dakshin Para, in India’s Hili.

    BGB’s Major Robiul Islam said the body was with them and the both sides had been alerted.

    He said a goods-laden train started from Hili’s Bangladesh side for Joypurhat around 5:15pm on Tuesday.

    When the train approached a football ground on the Hili border, Indian smugglers entered the Bangladesh side and started to illegally push Indian commodities into the train.

    BGB officials there tried to stop them but Biton fired at them.

    The BGB officials fired back, killing Biton on the spot.

    They fired again when India’s Border Security Force (BSF) personnel posted there fired a few rounds, BGB’s Robiul said.

    1.Transforming from BDR, BGB has taken time to assert itself at the border. which n used to be dominated by EPR/BDR.
    2.This incident highlights the strong nexus between Indian smugglers and BSF. How did the smugglers enter into Bangladesh? And then the guts to stop a train? The smuggles shot at BGB in presence of BSF? And when BGB retaliated, the BSF fired back!

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