BEML, CVRDE set up tech centre to speed defence R&D

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    CHENNAI, DEC. 11:
    The Government-owned BEML Ltd and the Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE), a defence research unit, have jointly set up a technology centre inside the latter's campus at Avadi, in the suburbs of Chennai. The BEML Technology Centre will speed up research and development, and industry collaboration, to speed up defence projects.

    Mr V.K. Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister and Secretary, Defence R&D, after inaugurating the centre told newspersons that it would synergise the capabilities of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and BEML in various projects.

    Some of the projects that were jointly developed and delivered together include the launch and recovery system for the Underwater Autonomous Vehicle, and testing of torque convertor and quality assurance and quality control for the Arjun Main Battle Tank, he said.

    Mr Saraswat said , the BEML has extended its support to the CVRDE to develop the Arjun tank's sub-systems, documentation , and development of BHIM tanks. It will also extend its coordination for projects taken by the CVRDE such as the landing gear project.

    Mr V. R. S. Natarajan, Chairman and Managing Director of BEML said that the company would depute 18 of its engineers to the centre to work on various projects. The joint initiative will help DRDO to design and develop the defence projects within a short span of time, he said.

    Business Line : Companies News : BEML, CVRDE set up tech centre to speed defence R&D

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