Be Loud, Be Heard: How far can you go to Alter-a-Nation

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    With India being vulnerable to various crimes and corruption, it seems like we will never get through with the inefficient Government bureaucracy and policy instability. Weakening of public trust on Politicians and the country head are increasing as the crime scenes are increasing day after day. While India is developing increasingly in various aspects, there are various services to which the normal people have no access. There is always a censorship leading us when we try to speak out on certain things. Still, India calls itself a democratic country.
    While we are living in a developing country, still there are many regions in India which are untouched by our government. Do you really think that India is developing in the right direction? What kind of government do you prefer, Democratic or dictatorship? It’s time we should speak out and take some serious steps by ourselves to lead our country towards a better tomorrow.

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