BCCI fears Modi role in Sri Lankan Premier League

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    BCCI fears Modi role in Sri Lankan Premier League

    NEW DELHI: The spectre of Lalit Modi continues to haunt the Indian cricket board. According to top sources, BCCI has refused to let Indian cricketers play in the upcoming Sri Lankan Premier League because it suspects that the former IPL czar is behind the new T20 league.

    BCCI believes that the Singapore-based company, Somerset Entertainment Ventures Pvt Ltd (SEV), which has the contract to conduct the tournament, has links with Modi.

    "We have indications that Modi is behind the Lankan league. A lot of his men who worked in IPL are now involved in managing this league through SEV," a top BCCI official said.

    BCCI sources told TOI on Sunday that Indian cricketers were earlier given the go-ahead because the Sri Lankan board had claimed it was their own event. But with the involvement of a private party which the BCCI thinks is guided by Modi, the situation is different, they said.

    BCCI's move runs the risk of retaliation in kind by the Sri Lankan board, which may stop its players from playing in IPL. But such is the reaction to anything seen as connected with Modi that the board is willing to take that risk.

    BCCI claims that while the Sri Lankan board was yet to approach it formally, some Indian players have already signed contracts. This, BCCI thinks, also suggests that a private body was involved in roping in players for SLCL.

    Contacted by TOI, Modi denied any links with the new league. "Amazing. What will they come up with next? Imaginations do run wild in BCCI nowadays," he said.

    "I really have no idea who is behind it. If there are people working in IPL and are working behind the scenes, then it must be with someone high up with BCCI's blessing. If I was to be behind a league, then it won't be just mere speculation. Everyone will know I'm behind it," Modi said.

    The former IPL czar found it "amazing" that BCCI could demand that Lankan cricketers play in IPL while refusing to release its own players to the Lankan league. "This, when that country has gone out of its way to let its players play in the IPL at the cost of Lanka's tour to England. This should be a wake-up call for the rest of the world as to the true intentions of the current BCCI management. You can only bully so much then... someone will react."

    Sri Lanka Cricket is reportedly hurt by BCCI's sudden move but is ready to explain the situation to the Indian board. "This tournament is approved by SLC. And Somerset is the marketing arm, having won the rights through a tender process. Nobody can say it is owned by Somerset," SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga said.

    "We need to explain the matter to BCCI and whatever the concerns that they have, we need to give them an explanation. It is very important to have Indian players play in the event as they will add a lot of value and glamour to the tournament," Ranatunga added.

    The SLPL will be played between July 19 and August 4 at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Several foreign players including Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Shahid Afridi, Daniel Vettori, Kevin O'Brien and Herschelle Gibbs have already signed up.

    The Indian players keen on playing in the league are Praveen Kumar, Munaf Patel, Irfan Pathan, Dinesh Karthik, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Manoj Tiwary, Saurabh Tiwary, Umesh Yadav, Vinay Kumar, Manish Pandey and Paul Valthaty.
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    Wont generate enougt revenue like the IPL thus!!!
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    I thought the BCCI had prevented Indian players from participating in the SL league because they "feared" a private enterprise had organized the tournament (like it matters) and allowing Indian players to play (by their own accord) would expose them to "risk."

    All of this is total hogwash, basically the BCCI wants to stay true it's roots and do it's best to sabotage everyone else for the sake of self gratification. Curtailing all other forms of competition is actually a disservice to the game. Just because there are other league games doesn't change the fact that the BCCI and their IPL will always remain dominant.

    As the de facto dominant force of the game they should take their position of leadership and expand the game in a benevolent manner. There is so much that can be done... investments to rehabilitate Carribean cricket or help build infrastructure in countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ireland where there's burgeoning interest in cricket. Or allow cricket crazy Sri Lankans to enjoy fruits of their newly found stability. But no, malevolence is the mantra and the shameless child like disruption of anything resembling competition is the first order of business.

    How pathetic. I also think that the actions of the BCCI are somewhat of a reflection upon modern India. It is clear that Indian bodies are as yet incapable of becoming gracious leaders and such behavior actually lends credence to smaller powers who fear Indian hegemony.

    So while many people gloat over how "powerful" the BCCI is (gooo India!!) they fail to realize that this behavior actually reeks of low self esteem and insecurity.

    BCCI grow the @#$k up so that people can respect you.
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    Well 2 things.

    1) If it's true then Iam sure SLPL will excel than IPL coz Modi has got better brains to run it.

    2) How it can be possible as BCCI dominates International cricket how they gave permission for it
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    SLPL will not get that kind of sponsorship in srilanka. Modi is good, but nothing without money.
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    Modi seems to be the latest bogeyman for the mandarins that run BCCI as their personal fiefdom.

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