BBC News: Inside Indian camp for radical Hindu women

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    Inside an Indian camp for radical Hindu women.
    9 November 2014

    Durga Vahini or the Army of Durga is named after one of the fiercest Hindu goddesses

    Indian-Canadian film-maker Nisha Pahuja spent years trying to get inside Durga Vahini, an Indian camp for radical Hindu women. She was finally granted permission and made the documentary The World Before Her. Here she describes what she saw in that camp.
    It is the final day of the 10-day Durga Vahini camp.
    Eighty girls are on their way to march and chant through the streets of the western city of Aurangabad. They are about to proudly proclaim India a Hindu nation.
    All across the country many such parades are under way or being planned by the Durga Vahini, the women's wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) - the cultural arm of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) - the largest Hindu nationalist group in India.
    Durga Vahini literally means Army of Durga - named after the goddess who is among the fiercest in the Hindu pantheon.
    There is camaraderie and excitement on the bus. The girls are dressed in white salwaar kameez (pyjamas and long tunics) and saffron-coloured dupattas (scarves). Two of the camp leaders are at the front of the bus leading the girls in a chant: "Hindustan is for Hindus. Pakistan can go to hell!"
    As the girls repeat the chant I'm struck by their eyes - they reflect the headiness of transgression.
    'Die for beliefs'
    The leaders grin: "You could be put in jail for what you are saying!"
    "We'll die for our beliefs!" postures one young girl. "We'll kill anyone who gets in our way!" yells another.
    Ten days earlier the majority of these girls and young women, aged 13-25, were soft-spoken, shy and naive.
    Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja (standing)
    Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja (standing) was given rare access to a Durga Vahini camp
    Prachi (facing camera) addresses a group of Durga Vahini girls
    "Prachi Trivedi, one of the leaders of the camp, is quite possibly the most enigmatic woman I've ever met"
    For most, this was the first time - and probably the last time - they were away from home without their families.
    Many of them came from small villages, had little education, were from the lower castes and likely to be married in the next few years. Before they got to the camp, many were also free of the deep-rooted prejudice against Muslims and Christians that so defines the mindset of the VHP and the RSS.
    But a lot can change in 10 days.
    Apart from the military-style combat training, the girls are fed a revisionist history that promotes Hindu supremacy and posits Hinduism as the only legitimate religion of India. They are also taught to see their role in the defence and propagation of Hinduism as a service to their country.
    And they are trained to be warriors and wives - they must be strong enough to break the bones of the enemy but docile enough to never question their husbands. The Durga Vahini leadership is blind to this duality - but that it has repercussions is abundantly clear.
    No-one has been more marked by this duality than Prachi Trivedi, one of the leaders of the camp and quite possibly the most enigmatic woman I've ever met. In her world of limited choices, working for the Durga Vahini - which she admits is problematic - affords her a degree of dignity and freedom.
    Prachi is the reason I am here, allowed to witness and document this camp. It has taken me nearly two years to get access to this world and thus far ours is the only camera crew to have ever been allowed in.
    Durga Vahani
    Durga Vahini
    Set up by the hardline Hindu organisation VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad or World Hindu Council) in 1984-85.
    Women aged 15 to 35 years are eligible to join the group.
    The group's website describes it as a "dynamic voluntary organisation" of young Hindu women.
    It says the organisation "strives for the security of society" and imparts knowledge of culture and tradition.
    Every member is expected to exercise regularly for "increasing her physical stamina" and to read "good literature".
    The group says it "ensures rehabilitation" of widows, women who have been deserted by their husbands, or women "involved in accidents".
    Training camps of 15-20 days are organised for members in all states.
    The group runs vocational training and tailoring centres and blood donation camps, among other things.
    Members are also trained in "dagger wielding" and use of firearms, according to the website.
    'Complex world'
    At our first meeting they chose a rehabilitation project the VHP ran for prostitutes and their children as a way to introduce me to their ethos.
    Getting inside the camps was not easy - it took perseverance, negotiation, honesty, luck and a lot of time. But more than anything else, it took gaining the trust of Prachi, her family and key players within the VHP.
    Finally, after close to two years, they opened the doors to a world that was complex, shocking and problematic - but that ultimately forced me to question my own prejudices and assumptions about them.
    Yes, there were deeply troubling moments - taking young girls and teaching them to be paranoid and to hate the "other" is in itself a form of violence and yet, it was undeniable that these young women became more confident, stronger and more sure of themselves after 10 days.
    In a country like India, where women's rights is a constant battle, there was something powerful about watching these young women be transformed in spite of knowing that the cost of this process was intolerance.
    Girls at the Durga Vahini camp
    At the beginning of the 10-day camp, a majority of the girls were soft-spoken and shy
    It was also undeniable that the people instilling such lessons were hospitable and filled with a desire to serve their country.
    What motivated them was a vision, an idea of the truth and a moral certainty that they had found it. It was as unshakeable to them as my belief in equality or Western assertions that "democracy" is the only way forward.
    The question for me became one of faith. How does one reason with faith? And that too a faith that has been bred into you and reinforced by family and social structures that form the pillars of the world as you live it?
    I began to see that all of us are ultimately products of time, place, history, genes and countless other factors beyond our control. If this then is our collective inheritance, how many of our choices are truly our own? How many of us are actually free?
    On the last day of camp, as a group of girls boarded the van that was taking them home, Pansaray, one of the camp seniors, put her hands together and said: "Forgive us if we've done anything wrong."
    I still find that one of the most moving lines in the film. It reminds me that all of us are often dictated by forces we cannot see.
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    Another very interesting article from BBC.
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    Radicals? Do they they produce suicide bonbers or killing maniaca like seen on 26/11? How many BBC jounos have been beheaded by them?

    Another shit from BBC, the Black Bashing Corp.
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    Why bbc can't find any radical christains? No they will find only sweet jesus loving evangelicals.

    And how they presume that girls are taught to suffer every abuse from husband. What crapload
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    So going by their logic, why isn't the Vatican being questioned on the cannibalism, kidnapping, use of child soldiers by the Lords Resistance Army (Lord's Resistance Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) ????

    Even if they did, it would be a wrong context when considering the Durga Vahini, because this organization has never harmed anyone. The only parallel that justifies this article would be one where every church or mosque congregation in the world is branded in an equal vein as gatherings of extremist organizations.
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    Naam hi kaafi hai :toilet:
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    Good to see BBC so concerned about "Hindu radicals".

    Everything in UK must be hunky-dory and very normal so as to only focus on "Hindu radicals" that too in India!



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    How Britain Became a Global Exporter of Terrorism

    Now UK and PAK can use Terrorists instead of Dollars to settle trade.

    LONDON - No one who has been paying attention to the growth of radical Islam in Britain should have been surprised that the terrorist who stood over murdered American journalist James Foley had a London accent.

    Over a thousand British Muslims are now fighting for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. And more are joining every day.

    "The key thing to realize about British fighters in Syria is they're not there to take a back seat role. They are very much at the forefront of this conflict," Shiraz Maher, an expert at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, said.

    Exporter of Terror

    Britain is now a major exporter of terrorists, the result of multiculturalism. There have been warning signs for years.

    Eight years ago, CBN News showed viewers Muslims protesting in London against the Mohammed cartoons and chanting "Jihad is on its way."

    Today, Britain has functioning Sharia courts and Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic law on the streets.

    Islam: Religion of Peace or War?
    Arabic scholars bring you a historical and shocking narrative on the tenets of Islam and the life of its founder.
    Know the truth. Download now.

    Islamic halal food is everywhere. And Islam is today the fastest growing religion in the United Kingdom.

    YouTube video shows a young white English woman in Muslim dress saying, "I gave up a successful modeling career to become a Muslim and I'm very happy.":flypig:

    Even though Muslims are still a relatively small minority in Britain, many Britons feel as if their nation is being handed over to Islam, that the government doesn't care about promoting or protecting traditional British :violin:, Judeo-Christian values either because it doesn't believe in them anymore, or because it doesn't want to be labeled as "intolerant." :laugh:

    British civilization has been a gift to the world. But the British elites don't care so much about their own civilization anymore. And it is into this vacuum that Islam is advancing.

    Comment : Just like Pakistanis they are busy taunting India through the Britard Broadcasting Coope

    Sure, the British still care about their queen and tradition, but radical Muslims have been allowed and even encouraged to build a parallel society within this officially Christian nation.

    It's a problem in several European countries.

    The West's Sin of Self-Hatred

    "The reason we have capitulated in the West so much to Islam is self-hatred," said Anne Marie Waters, a former leftist who runs Shariawatch UK, and a rising star within the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

    "There's an underlying self-hatred of our own societies, of our own cultures," she explained. "It's perpetuated by the Left. We've got this multiculturalism, this dangerous multiculturalism in Britain, which is killing women, killing girls."

    "And the Left not only doesn't say anything about it, but continues to push for it, even though it knows, even though it can see that it's killing girls," Waters continued. "We know for a fact there are mosques in this country where little girls of 8,9,10 years of age are being married and being raped."

    When British soldier Lee Rigby was decapitated in the streets of London, one of the first things Prime Minister David Cameron said was that the murder was not because of Islam.

    After the Foley decapitation, Cameron said it again.

    And to be sure, many Muslims have condemned the murder.

    Shuman Khan, a London Muslim, said, "As a Muslim, I feel this shouldn't be. You shouldn't do bad things."

    "I think it's disgusting. I think a lot of extremists have taken over and hijacked Islam," Qaiser Iqbal, a London Muslim, said.

    But Waters said that while peaceful Muslims are not to blame for the violence of radicals against women and non-Muslims, she saids the religion of Islam is to blame.

    "We come back to this 'It's only a tiny minority of extremists. It's got nothing to do with Islam.' But the point is, this stuff is coming directly from the Quran, from the Hadith," Waters told CBN News.

    Enough Is Enough

    The British government's weak response to radical Islam has led to the formation of citizen groups and protest movements like the English Defence League and BritainFirst.

    BritainFirst confronts Sharia patrols and has horrified the British establishment by having the nerve to go into mosques to pass out Bibles to Muslims.

    Video shows Britain First Chairman Paul Golding giving a Muslim a Bible and saying, "There is a nice British Army Bible, spreading the word of Jesus Christ around Bradford. Reject the false prophet Mohammed and accept Jesus Christ."

    Golding defends the actions.

    "This is a Christian country. Our heritage is Christian. We hold it dear," he said. "So, giving out Christian Bibles in a Christian country on British streets to people who are British citizens - we don't see anything wrong with that."

    But when CBN News was with Golding, he was dodging the police, who seem to view him as a troublemaker.

    The British government is going to have to decide whether it cares more about being viewed as tolerant, or about stopping terrorism because the whole world is now paying the bill for Britain's experiment in multiculturalism.

    "We've got to start dealing with this," Waters said. "We've got to say, 'Look, we have freedom of speech. You can't beat up women. We don't stone people to death for their sex lives. You have to accept that or you can't live here.'":cry:

    Source:How Britain Became a Global Exporter of Terrorism - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

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