Battle of air assets: who should own them?

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    Battle of air assets: who should own them?

    Battle for the control of critical aerial assets, has already put Indian army and Indian air force fight out in open , not only war of words has been echoed at senior level officials from both the forces but battle has reached media , which literally forced Defence minister A.k Anthony to step in to diffuse the tension .

    What is reason behind the whole fiasco? For that we have to go back at the previous purchases of mid 80’s, Indian then that purchased two squadron of Mil Mi-24 helicopter gunship and eight Mil Mi-26 heavy-lift helicopter to support Indian army operations .

    Then it has been told that purchases of both helicopters were funded out of Indian army’s budget and was operated by Indian air force to support Indian army. IAF then was considered best to operate them due to better pool of resources and Infrastructure .Now after decades of Mutual cooperation on owning and operating these assets. Now it’s time to replace them.

    India is all set to again purchase 22 new attack helicopters along with 15 heavy-lift helicopter to support Indian army operations. Again even this time funds for both the helicopter deals will come from Indian army’s budget , but this time army wants full control of the this assets and is not keen to allow it to be part of IAF fleet.

    Senior army officials have pointed out that various army around the world operate this two categories of helicopters, even pointed out the example of Pakistani army which operates attack helicopters and heavy-lift helicopters.

    Air force wants to control this assets and also are not keen over handling it over them to army, due to various other reasons too like, army has already committed more than 100 orders for HAL’s Light combat helicopters, and has also taken centre stage in testing of the helicopter, while senior Army aviators have been providing key inputs to the developers of the helicopter.

    But what might have angered air force, is that Army is also keen to operate medium transport aircrafts in future and army is also improving its own Infrastructure for pilot training. Well who should own it? Should be sorted out by both forces and not open out in media and public.

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