Barrackpore Airbase Inducts Helicopter Unit

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    Barrackpore Airbase Inducts Helicopter Unit

    Barrackpore Air Force Station is an Indian Air Force base located at Barrackpore in the state of West Bengal, India. Barrackpore is one of the oldest stations in the IAF, operating transport units. The base has got a new helicopter unit comprising the multipurpose Mi-17 V5 helicopters which are the latest acquisition of the Indian Air Force. The helicopter unit has just been raised at the Barrackpore airbase. The first helicopter will be inducted today by Air Marshal S Varthaman, AOC-in-C, Eastern Air Command.

    The newly inducted Mi-17 V5 choppers by the IAF have more powerful engines and larger fuel capacity than their predecessors and are extremely versatile for carrying out both military and civil operations. The new helicopters will be able to operate in high altitudes areas. It will server as an air bridge to remote and inhospitable terrain in the North East. The choppers have all weather colour radar that allows it to operate in bad weather conditions. It is also installed with Generation-III night vision goggles capability that enable special operations. Apart from search and rescue operations on land and sea, the choppers may also be used by central police forces.

    The helicopters can also be armed with deadly fire power and they fall in the category of an armed attack helicopter. One of it's most interesting features of the helicopter is the Bambi bucket fire-fighting system. It comprises a large bucket suspended below the aircraft that can pick up three and a half tonnes of water from any reservoir and drop it over a fire. This feature is widely used in the western world to fight forest fires.

    Defence News - Barrackpore Airbase Inducts Helicopter Unit
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    This last paragraph to me is a marketing strategy by Mil (or Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, where I believe these were made).

    This helicopter, no matter what anyone says, is not an attack helicopter. Of course, one can add pylons, rockets pods, etc., to a Mil-17, but this is in no way an attack helicopter. This is a transport helicopter.

    The Mil-28 is an attack helicopter, while the Mil-24/35 falls in the combo or dual category (transport + attack).

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