Bangladesh to launch its own satellite

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    Thu, Nov 26th, 2009 3:55 pm

    Dhaka, Nov 26 (—The government has decided to launch Bangladesh's own satellite in space very soon, post and telecommunication minister Rajiuddin Ahmed said on Thursday.

    Talking to reporters at his secretariat office, he said the government has already discussed the technical aspects of the venture with some foreign countries having experience in satellite technologies.

    He said: "The government has initiated the move to launch its own satellite in space, which should help the country improve its communication systems. We have discussed the technical aspects of it with a number of countries, including China and Germany."

    The minister said that all Upazilas and growth centres across the country would have telecommunication facilities within next three months.

    In July this year, he said, the government gave free telephone connections in all the districts excepting capital Dhaka.

    He said: "The number of land phone connections has increased from eight and a half lakh to over nine and a half lakh. The government has a target of giving one crore connections by 2012."

    To increase the number of Internet users, the monthly charges for using broadband Internet has been reduced to Tk 800, Rajiuddin Ahmed said.

    He further said that TeleTalk, the state-owned mobile phone operator, will float its shares in the stock market within next two years.

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    Do they want to make their own satellite or do they want to launch a satellite made for them by some other country. Its not clear from above report.
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    Its clear they dont have SATELLITE launching facilities in B'desh at present they are launching it from Chinese Rocket Station,
    Even Pak dont has that capability till now,
    Great to know that chini is working hard to get allies in India's Backyards
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    Instead of all these shenanigans, BD would be better suited if they leased Transponders from commercial satellites. This would be more cost effective.

    By the looks of it China will build and launch a satellite for BD. It may even operate the satellite, which would give them an ear and set of eyes in BD

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