Bangladesh removes ambassador from Pakistan

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    Bangladesh orders its high commissioner to Pakistan to come home
    Senior Correspondent,

    Published: 2015-12-30 23:06:11.0 BdST Updated: 2015-12-30 23:06:11.0 BdST

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    Bangladesh has recalled its High Commissioner in Islamabad Suhrab Hossain and asked him to return home as soon as possible.

    Sources at the foreign ministry said the decision follows the recent diplomatic spat between the two countries over the war crimes trial in Bangladesh and Islamabad’s withdrawal of a ‘terror-linked’ diplomat from Dhaka.

    Hossain, who has been on a contractual appointment, was in Dhaka at a time when Bangladesh’s acting High Commissioner to Pakistan, a junior diplomat, had to confront the Pakistani government on the war crimes-related issues in Islamabad.

    Islamabad summoned the acting High Commissioner several times in the light of reports of a Pakistan diplomat’s links with militants in Dhaka.

    Pakistan withdrew Fareena Arshad, the diplomat, but denied that she had links with any terrorist outfit in Bangladesh.

    Asked about the reason behind Suhrab Hossain’s recall, Foreign Secretary Md Shahidul Haque told that his contract was about to expire.

    “It’s normal,” he said, when asked whether the order was linked to any negligence of duties on the high commissioner’s part.

    Hossain’s tenure expires in April next year.

    “It takes time to complete the process,” Haque said, when asked about the order of recall being served before the expiry of the contract.

    Hossain, a career diplomat, was in retirement when he was first appointed the country’s envoy to Pakistan on a contractual basis in 2010 for two years.

    The contract was subsequently extended twice.

    A freedom fighter, Hossain joined the Bangladesh Foreign Service in 1973.

    1. Bangladesh is removing our high commissioner (ambassador) from Pakistan.

    Though the government is saying its because the high commissioner's "contract" has expired, everyone knows it is because of the current crisis which Pakistan initiated with Bangladesh supporting convicted war criminals.

    Also apparently according to one internet comment I read it's because the high commissioner didn't do a good enough job defending our position when the Pakistanis have been calling him in on more than one occasion the past few weeks.This was because we kicked out a Pakistani "diplomat" involved in helping terrorists in Bangladesh (completely silenced by the western media).

    2. I think it's a good idea as it shows that there is only so far Pakistan can go before we show we are not cheap and have self-dignity and will not accept our high commissioners being treated like this when Pakistan is actively waging a war of terrorism in our country.

    3. This will hurt Pakistanis greatly because subconsciously they think Bengalis are an inferior people who are always supposed to obey them or to have "friendship" (i.e. ally with Pakistan, listen to what Pakistan says including hating India).

    Rather than accepting they committed horrific and gruesome crimes against us and need to work hard to earn our friendship, they think that we are obliged to love and follow them!

    If any other country removed its ambassador e.g. Afghanistan, Iran, UAE it wouldn't hurt them as much as Bangladesh removing its ambassador as we are supposed to be obedient to them and be "friends", whilst they support war criminals and terrorists in our country.

    What do readers make of all this?
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    Nice Job Bangladesh !

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    The Republic of India
    While BD is trying to pick up a fight with Bakis, 'India' is trying to fool around with Bakistan.

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