Bangladesh: Pakistan’s suspension from SAARC demanded

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    Pakistan’s suspension from SAARC demanded

    14 December 2015

    DHAKA: Sector Commanders’ Forum submitted a protest letter to Pakistan High Commission against the country’s controversial activities and derogatory comment after execution two top war criminals.


    In the letter, the forum also protested Pakistan’s interference in internal matters of Bangladesh and urged the country (Pakistan) to withdraw its untrue comment.

    Beside, the protesters demanded suspension of Pakistan from all international organizations, including South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), where Bangladesh is a member.

    Sector Commanders’ Forum organized a march toward Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka to submit the letter protesting controversial acts and negative comment after execution of top war criminals Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury and Ali Ahsan Mojaheed.

    Leaders of the Forum started the march for Pakistan High Commission from Rayer Bazar Boddho Bhumi around 11:00am of Monday.However, law enforcers obstructed the march when it reached near Banani playground around 12:30pm.Then, a three-member delegation went to the high commission with the protest letter.

    The delegation include Forum chairman major general (retd) KM Shafiullah (Bir Uttam), senior vice-president lieutenant general M Harun-or-Rashid (Bir Protik), and forum secretary general Harun Habib.

    ** Sector Commanders’ Forum march toward Pak HC
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    @Neo @Raja.pakistani @Zarvan @musalman : Pak Army killed millions of Muslims in Bangladesh and you are the biggest "Butcher of Muslims" in the world.You are doing same in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan and NWFP.
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    Degenerate soldiers (mostly Punjabi) of Paki army raided bedrooms of newly married couple and gang raped the bride (according to Int media not india) and carried out the biggest genocide after WW 2.

    So i honor these Bangladeshi who are demanding this action although they are ungrateful bunch and avid India hater.
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    Ohhh Tawadi!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Apart from some nonsense from fanboys and trolls online, I don't really think there is any hatred for India in Bangladesh, nor is there any great Indo-philia.

    I have heard of many Indians who visited Bangladesh and commented on the gentle and hospitable nature of Bengalis there.

    As an educated Bangladeshi and a practising Muslim, I can assure you I view India as a nuclear giant and a physical reality for us Bangladeshis as a permanent neighbour whom we must have positive relations with rather than an antagonistic one. We are a poor country and in no position to go looking for fights with anyone let alone a nuclear state which even gets in to diplomatic clashes with the US and EU.

    Re topic: Pakistan can't do that much in Bangladesh in reaction this because they have pretty much used a lot of their cards already including trying to support coups to overthrow Hasina, attempts to kill her, attempts to destroy our economy by ruining our garments industry. Now after all these cards have been exhausted there is not that much they can do to retaliate against Hasina, a person whom they have actively tried to kill (I know certain information about the ISI here that others do not).

    Pakistan won't be suspended from SAARC, however unless it changes than the new nationalistic India will just forget about SAARC and focus on South Asian states sans Pakistan and economic development with them.
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    It is the bad incidents that get publicity in news media. Similarly, the bad things in Bangladesh get more exposure. Majority of the people are normal people, who are friendly; not anti-India or pro-India.
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