Bangladesh India MOU Signed For Power Cooparation

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    Energy Bangla - Bangladesh India MOU Signed For Power Cooparation

    The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and the Indian state-run National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) signed here today (Monday) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for improving power stations in Bangladesh.

    The NTPC, as government utility of India, as per the MoU will assess the feasibility of establishing coal-based power stations in Bangladesh. It will also make endeavour to improve human resources through training and development and look into the possibilities for developing power generations projects especially one coal-based project in Joint Venture.

    Md. Abul Quasem,Chief Engineer (generation) of BPDB and Mr. A K Sharma, General Manager, of NTPC signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations at the NTPC Bhawan here this morning.

    Indian Power Secretary P Uma Shankar and Chairman of the Bangladesh Power development Board Mr. A S M Alamgir Kabir witnessed the signing of the MoU. Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Mr. Tariq A Karim, Chairman of NTPC R. K. Sharma and senior officials of the NTPC and the members of the Bangladesh delegation were also present.

    The NTPC may provide engineering consultancy service to BPDB for feasibility studies, site selection, technology selection, engineering design etc, for developing two coal based power projects approximately 1320 MW each in Khulna and in Chittagong, the MoU envisaged.

    "The purpose of the MoU is to create a framework for the general understanding between NTPC and BPDB regarding their cooperation in the power sector of Bangladesh," the MoU said. Dhaka and Delhi during the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India in January this year, had expressed their desire to enhance traditional ties of friendship through development of economic cooperation in different fields including the power generation, transmission and energy efficiency.

    Under the MoU signed today, the NTPC may provide long-term operation and maintenance consultancy services to BPDB for its underperforming power stations to improve their operating efficiency. The NTPC may also carry out technical assessment of the old power stations of Power Development Board in Bangladesh for efficiency improvement.

    The MoU also have provisions to provide training to power professionals through the existing training system of NTPC and to prepare long term plans for BPDB to utilize NTPC's training facilities.

    The NTPC would also conduct simulator training on combined cycle gas turbine as well as coal fired power stations for improvement of Operation and Maintenance skill.

    The NTPC and the BPDB may also set up a coal-based power project at Khulna under joint venture with 50:50 equity participation and the Joint Venture Company (JVC) will be registered in Dhaka.

    The Joint Venture Company (JVC) will be managed by its Board of Directors with NTPC and BPDB nominating equal number of directors to the board of JVC. The Chairman of the JVC shall be a nominee director of BPDB for the first eight years and the MD shall be a nominee director of NTPC.

    Thereafter, the position of Chairman and MD shall be nominated by rotation for 3-year period each from NTPC and BPDB respectively. A Joint Technical team (JTT) constituted with equal representation from both BPDB and NTPC will oversee the implementation of the MoU, it said.

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