Bangladesh Hands Over Top ULFA Leaders

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    Bangladeshi security forces today pushed back three ULFA cadres, including two of its top leaders, through the Indo-Bangla border in Meghalaya where BSF took their custody, official sources said.

    On a day when the outfit's key senior leaders, out on bail, announced unconditional talks with the Centre on February 10, ULFA 'captain' Antu Chaudang, 'second lieutenant' Pradeep Chetia and another cadre Saurav were pushed back from the Dawki international border early this morning, they said.

    Chaudang is the third top leader to be on the run after 'C-in-C' Paresh Barua and another commander of the armed wing 'major' Jibon Moran.

    They were taken to Guwahati by a special team of Assam Police, the sources said.

    In Guwahati, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi thanked Bangladesh for taking a strong step against terrorism.

    Without directly naming the ULFA, Gogoi said this has helped the state to create a peaceful atmosphere and in flushing out extremists from its soil.

    In an email to the media on December 18, ULFA publicity secretary Arunudoy Dohotia had claimed that Chaudang and Chetia were picked by Indian intelligence agencies in Bangladesh.

    Dohotia had said they were picked up on December 13 and since then the duo's whereabouts were not known.

    Indian security agencies had earlier said that Chaudang was injured seriously in a motorcycle accident in December and was under treatment in Bangladesh.

    Earlier, Dhaka had facilitated "the arrest and handed over" five top leaders of the banned outfit, including its 'chairman' Arabinda Rajkhowa since November, 2009.

    Besides Rajkhowa, ULFA deputy 'Commander-in-Chief' Raju Baruah, self-styled 'foreign secretary' Sasha Choudhury, and 'finance secretary' Chitraban Hazarika, were jailed in Assam after they were shown as arrested by Indian authorities. All are out on bail now.

    On September 24 last year, 19 ULFA leaders, including four 'captains', were pushed back by Bangladesh security agencies through the Meghalaya border.

    Indian government is also trying to bring back ULFA 'general secretary' Anup Chetia who is under detention in Bangladesh after his arrest in 1997.

    Though Chetia, arrested on charges of entering the country without passport and possessing a satellite phone, completed his jail term in 2005, he is still in detention.

    He has petitioned the Bangladesh government seeking political asylum in the neighbouring country.
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    There is greater understanding between India and Bangladesh.

    It is a positive indicator of maturity and sub continental amity.
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    Do they had other choice. there is saying in Hindi" Paani me rah kar magrmach se baar nahi rakhte."
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    It is expected now that Awami League is in power. One probably would not expect similar things when BNP is in power.
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    /\/\/\ Not exactly, AL is doing that now as they have understood the basic principle of economics, freedom and falling back onto India's shoulders. Check out their history.

    W.r.t BNP, if we are to press the button, BNP would do the same. Countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc are just pawns mate!

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