Bangladesh buying warship from China

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    October 4, 2012
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    Bangladesh government has placed order with China's Wuchan Shipyard for supplying two sophisticated warships, one of which shall be handed over to Bangladesh by next year. The warship sized 64 meter in length with the capacity of 648 tons has highest speed of 28 nautical miles. The manufacturers of these warships are paying attention to the special requisition of the Bangladesh Navy keeping various types of most sophistical weapons and equipment. China earlier supplied similar warships to Pakistan. With the placement of order for supplying warships, Bangladesh has entered new vista of defense cooperation with China.

    Bangladesh government has also decided to procure a number of sophisticated helicopters, aircrafts and warships for the domestic security as well as sufficient efficiency of safeguarding country's interest.

    Bangladesh Navy has also decided to add Corvet and Off-the Shelve frigate in near future. It has already procured two more warships named 'Bijoy' and 'Dhoshwari'. Sholder launched surface-to-air missile system has been added in these warships. It has purchased two helicopters for another warship named 'Bangabandhu'.

    According to information, Bangladesh Navy has earlier purchased 21 units of high-speed boats. Additionally manufacturing of two units of maritime patrol aircrafts, five units of patrol crafts and one oil tanker is undergoing now.
    The current government in Bangladesh has made an elaborate plan for significantly strengthening its defense facilities by procuring huge number of military hardware as well as sophisticated equipment and weapons with the target of transforming Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force and Bangladesh Navy into sufficiently advanced on facing any internal or external security threats. Special emphasis is being given to strengthening Bangladesh Navy for safeguarding huge natural resources in the Bay of Bengal. It is believed by economic and petroleum experts that by 2030, Bangladesh's economy will grow hugely thus placing the country to the economic status of developed nations, if the petroleum resources within the Bay of Bengal will be properly explored.

    Bangladesh buying warship from China :: Weekly Blitz
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    Probably a good news! We can convince a few friendly Bangladeshi officers to let us have a look at the technology used by the Chinese and Pakistanis!
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    Chinese make great ships that stray afloat.

    And they come cheap!

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