Bangladesh army officers jailed for attempt to kill lawmaker

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    Bangladesh army officers jailed for attempt to kill lawmaker

    Bangladesh army officers jailed for attempt to kill lawmaker

    Dhaka, Nov 7 (IANS) Five army officers in Bangladesh have been sentenced to five years in prison by a court martial for plotting a bombing attempt in October last year to kill lawmaker Fazle Noor Taposh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's nephew.

    The five 'masterminded the blast' in the belief that Noor had a hand in the February 2009 mutiny by the Bangladesh border guard in which 57 army officers were killed, The Daily Star reported Sunday.

    The jail term of Major Helal and four army captains, convicted for the blast that took place Oct 21 last year, began last Thursday, the newspaper said quoting army sources.

    Thousands of the country's border guard Bangladesh Rifles had staged a mutiny Feb 25-26 last year, killing in all 71 persons, including the force's director general, Major General Shakil Ahmed. The government quelled the rebellion with the help of the army.

    Although there was palpable resentment in the army at 57 of their officers being killed in the mutiny, 'the evidence produced before the court proved they planned and executed the blast all by themselves', the newspaper said quoting the court martial findings.

    During their trial at Dhaka cantonment, the five officers pleaded guilty to all the charges brought against them.

    Noor came under attack in front of his law chamber in the national capital. He escaped unscathed, but at least 13 people were injured.

    The five believed that Noor, a ruling Awami League lawmaker, had 'a hand' in the mutiny as some personnel had met him earlier to voice their grievances about their pay packets and working conditions.

    Special courts are currently conducting trial of hundreds of border guards accused of mutiny.

    The government has revamped the border force, giving it a new name and logo, making the rules governing discipline more stringent. The government has also reviewed their pay packages and working conditions.

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