Bandra East bypoll: AIMIM hopes to shock Sena and Congress

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Apr 11, 2015.

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    This will be an interesting bypoll to watch.

    There are some huge slums which obviously is where the AIMIM will bank on for votes. And given the angst amongst the Muslims and Dalits over the beef ban, it will certainly sway the votes in favour of the AIMIM, more so since Shiv Sena has gone ballistic in their support for the beef ban.

    The Congress is a party that everyone has given up their hopes about. They have no credibility in the current political scenario since all know that they can make no difference to their lives, being reduced to the size of a postage stamp everywhere.

    However, even if AIMIM does win a seat here, it will be only tokenism since they can only succeed where there are slums which harbour their voters and where the majority are Muslims and Dalits and Bombay is not a city that is solely a Slum or has Muslim and Dalit majority all around.

    Nonetheless, an election to watch.

    it surely will give hope to AIMIM for the election prospects in Bihar and Bengal since there are constituencies with Muslim majority and a win will be a shot in the arm for AIMIM and the Muslims, who have a grouse with all other parties.

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