Ban on sale of injury-causing China-made kite strings in Amritsar

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    The district administration today imposed a ban on kite strings made in China in view of these causing injuries to those traveling on two wheelers, rickshaws and bicycles, police said.

    Besides, 12 wholesale dealers were arrested for selling and stocking rolls of China-made kite strings and later released on bail, the police said.

    Due to stray Chinese kite strings, two deaths have been reported in the city.

    A government school lecturer Kewal Singh died due to a fatal cut as his neck was almost chopped off due to a stray Chinese kite string when he was riding his scooter, the police said.

    In another incident, Reema Makhini, a 20-year-old student, was taken to hospital in a profusely bleeding state after she was injured by coming in contact with a stray kite string on a road in Amritsar.

    According to the director of the hospital, her upper arm was slashed half-way, just as if it was cut by a knife.

    Pushpinder Kaur (37) was another victim of a China-made kite string as her chin was cut across following an encounter with a stray string on the same road.

    As many as 11 patients have been brought to Amandeep Hospital in a fortnight following accidents in the kite flying season and most injuries were on the upper body parts including neck, facial injuries and on the arms and hands, hospital sources said.

    Since the China-made strings cost one-tenth the price of traditional kite strings, they have many buyers.

    A 1,000-metre-long traditional kite string costs around Rs70 while the Chinese string of the same length can be purchased for just Rs7.

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