Baidu Sued in New York for Censoring China Internet Search Results

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    Baidu Inc., owner of China’s largest searching engine, was sued by eight Chinese living in New York, for helping the government to censor political expression that violates the U.S. Constitution, a Bloomberg report said today.

    The reported citied a complaint filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court as saying that the plaintiffs are seeking 16 million U.S. dollars in damages from the company and the Chinese government, because their “writings, publications, and coverage of pro-democracy events” were censored and banned from Baidu’s search engine.

    They also charge Baidu and China violated New York State civil rights laws, the report said.

    “China will be required to answer the complaint or there will be a default judgment against them,” the report quoted Stephen Preziosi, lawyer for the plaintiffs as saying.

    Caijing reporters failed to get a comment from Guo Yiguang, Director of Baidu’s Public Relations Department after querying in an email.

    Baidu is virtually in a quasi-monopolistic position in the Chinese mainland, as its main rival, Google, relocated its services to Hong Kong, according to a CLSA report in May.

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