BAE Systems upgrades Australian Advanced Air Defence Simulator (AADS)

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    BAE Systems upgrades Australian AADS
    28 april 2011

    BAE Systems has successfully completed System Acceptance Testing (SAT) for the Army's Advanced Air Defence Simulator (AADS) Refresh project.

    The world-class AADS training facility, located at the 16th Air Defence Regiment's provides training capability in the use of ground to air missile systems.

    In December 2009, the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) awarded BAE Systems a $5 million contract to refresh critical equipment at the Australian Army's Advanced Air Defence Simulator (AADS).

    The refresh was due for completion at the end of March 2011, but due to the Army's requirements a compressed schedule was requested by the Defence Materiel Organisation which BAE Systems was able to deliver. The facility reopened on Monday 31 January 2011.

    Under the project BAE Systems has replaced obsolete simulator dome projectors, computers and software with the very latest equipment and programs to produce higher fidelity visuals and extend the facility's life.

    The Commanding Officer of the 16th Air Defence Regiment, LTCOL John McLean explains "The refresh of the facility is excellent, the new display system is extremely impressive and means our ability to provide a simulated controlled tactical environment for the training of Ground Based Air Defenders is even more effective".

    BAE Systems Training and Support Systems Manager, Steve Baldock, said: "The BAE Systems team has worked extremely hard to ensure successful delivery of the refresh and to accommodate the customer's requirement for a compressed implementation schedule. It's great to see the new system working so effectively for our customer."

    BAE Systems was responsible for building the original AADS facility delivered in July 2005. It has been maintained and operated by BAE Systems staff since its inception.

    Originally known as Land 19 Phase 2B, BAE Systems is also contracted to operate the facility through to July 2013, providing the Army with the capability to deliver 270 training days each year.


    Source: BAE Systems
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