Aviation 2050 Vision - Technology for Tactics

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    The Aviation and Missile Research,
    Development and Engineering
    Center is looking to the future of
    Aviation--rotary-winged aircraft--
    not just 10 or 20 years into the
    future but out to the year 2050.
    Under the leadership of Dr. Bill
    Lewis, Director of the AMRDEC's
    Aviation Development Directorate,
    engineers worked together with
    graphic artists in the AMRDEC's
    Visualization Lab to develop this
    concept video entitled "Aviation
    2050Vision - Technology for
    Tactics." The video portrays the
    "future" of rotorcraft from our
    perspective. We realize that we
    don't own this future and so you
    are encouraged to view our video
    and contribute to the effort to build
    the rotorcraft of the future--2050.

    Aviation 2050 Vision - Technology for Tactics - YouTube

    After viewing the video please
    participatein the survey at this link


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