Auto driver’s wife is mayor of Rajkot

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    Happens only in communal Gujarat

    Auto driver’s wife is mayor of Rajkot

    A BJP member, who is also the wife of an auto driver, was elected Rajkot's new mayor and took charge on Monday.

    Raksha Boliya praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for recognising her hard work and not choosing somebody based on gender, religion or class.

    "The chief minister's decision shows the party treats everybody equally. If you work hard then you are rewarded," said Boliya.

    Her husband Raghu Boliya expressed gratitude to the party for recognising his wife's hard work.

    "I have been working for the BJP for the past 28 years and I am grateful to the party for taking note of my hard work and sincerity and electing my wife to this position. She has also worked hard for the BJP," said Raghu.

    Raksha will serve as mayor of Rajkot for two-and-a-half years and will move from her home to the mayor's bungalow in the next few days.

    While she has been provided a car by the party, her husband will continue to earn a living by driving an auto rickshaw.
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