Australian naval vessel HMAS Stuart arrives in India

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    MUMBAI (PTI): The Australian naval vessel HMAS Stuart has arrived here as a part of the ongoing navy exchange programme between India and Australia.

    The ship, that has been in service in the Middle East since Jan 2011 and is now on its way back to Australia, reached here Friday.

    HMAS Stuart is a surface combat naval vessel and works jointly with Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean.

    A reception was held on board for the guests invited by the Australian consulate general and the captain.

    "Australia greatly values the good working relationship between the Royal Australian Navy and the Indian Navy," Consul General Steve Waters said.

    "As two of the largest countries bordering the Indian Ocean, it is important that as democracies with shared values, we work together to enhance peace, stability and the safety of transport in this region. Bilateral naval visits and the joint exercises are a vital part of this process," he said.

    Australian naval vessel HMAS Stuart arrives in India -

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