‘Unprovoked firing’: 75 border violations in three years

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    ‘Unprovoked firing’: 75 border violations in three years

    July 22, 2014

    LAHORE:-After last year’s border ceasefire between India and Pakistan was violated on Sunday, Punjab Rangers revealed data that puts the total of working boundary violations to 75 since the year 2011. Three people have lost their lives during the violence while at least 48 people have been injured in the last three years.

    According to the Punjab Rangers spokesperson, one person has been killed and seven civilians have been injured this year alone in violations across the working boundary between the two neighbours.
    The latest incident took place on Sunday when Indian troops resorted to ‘unprovoked firing’ in the Charwa and Harpal sectors along the border in Sialkot. The Punjab Rangers had retaliated to the firing by the personnel of India’s Border Security Force (BSF). The BSF started firing mortars across into Pakistani territory in the Charwa sector around 12:30am, according to military officials.

    On Monday, Punjab Rangers DG Maj Gen Khan Tahir Javed Khan visited the affected locations in the Harpal and Sajeet Ghar sectors of Sialkot. He was briefed on the recent BSF firing on posts and border villages.

    The death and injuries of civilians due to BSF’s uncalled-for firing brings sadness on Eidul Fitr, said the Punjab Rangers spokesperson. The firing has spread panic in the border villages and is disturbing Pakistanis from their worship during Ramazan.
    He believes that the Indian government and politicians use BSF to get the maximum Indian public support by killing innocent villagers, including women and.

    Moreover, he claimed that these violations help in the facilitation of border crossers and other suspects into Pakistan territory.

    Last year, Pakistani and Indian forces sporadically exchanged fire along the working boundary in the Sialkot region for almost two weeks. The skirmishes prompted villagers living close to the border to leave the area. At least two people, including a soldier, were killed and 14 others were wounded in the border clashes before the two countries agreed to restore the ceasefire.

    Published in The Express Tribune, July 22nd, 2014.

    ‘Unprovoked firing’: 75 border violations in three years – The Express Tribune
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    Unprovoked firing will aid PA to cover for the infiltrating militants not the reverse.
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    That is just not believable.
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    The article wasn't written for your consumption t up.but for jahil gawar ( ignorant, fool) populace of Pakistan, who will lap it up.

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