Attack on Pak Punjab by India, Part of Great Game

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by IBM, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Jul 21, 2009
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    Hi guys, today i have heard a news that home ministry has issued warning of terrorist attack on India just like Mumbai. My Q is,is this statement part of great game?

    Will there will be terroist attackt on India just like Mumbai ? if yes then

    Will India ask USA to attack LET camps in Pak Punjab with drones or with help of IAF?

    Do we need mumbai like attack as excuse to destroy terror camps in Pak Punjab and Pak occupied Kashmir??

    what will be the effect on India and region ?

    Is this is part of great game, to take off Pak nuclear assests?

    Pls debate..
  3. dineshchaturvedi

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I think India has got some Inputs that it might be attacked by Let forces. As part of plan they are making it crystal clear what would be the response. In most cases such thing makes the enemy rethink and most of time postpone the plan.
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    I think we're putting too much weight on P. Chidambaram's statements in Madurai. I won't dismiss them as rhetoric, though if he really means what he just said in Tamil, addressing a Tamil electorate, I would also want him to make those statements categorical, in English, addressing international media (in essence, addressing Pakistan). When Pakistan's interior minister makes tall claims about alleged Indian involvement in Balochistan, the forum he's choosing is a press-conference.

    So I would still rule out a "strong retaliation" by this government given the kind of response it gave to 26/11, and given how the <1 year old incident is looking like >5 years old (no concrete achievements in the 26/11 case that the government can speak of).
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    Aug 13, 2009
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    even if india asks USA they will not do that. they do not want to jeopardise their own operation with PA presently on. even if india wants to do it alone, they wont allow even that to happen for the same reason.

    india does not want to escalate. even destroying camps, pakistan takes it as war. unless we are prepared for the eventuality, this wont happen. on top of it GOI has to take the call which they have never taken for ages now.

    i guess it would be a theatre war. it will affect the region negatively.

    likely from an american perspective.
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    Holy Hell
    Chidambaram's speech was aimed at vote bank politics. The Tamilians like politicians who voice out the people's concerns vociferously, similar to Raj Thakrey's whining. No offence meant to any party.

    I will take his speech with a pinch of salt.

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