At least two dead in Karachi Blast

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    2 dead, 3 injured in Karachi blast – The Express Tribune

    KARACHI: At least two people have lost their lives and three people were injured in a blast on Preedy Street of the Saddar area in Karachi on Friday, Express News reported.
    The blast occurred outside a mosque in the area right opposite parking plaza, according to reports.
    Reportedly, the bomb was planted on a motorcycle, and according to SP Salman it could have been a suicide attack.
    The police have said that the blast occurred after two motorcycles collided. They said one of the motorcyclists may have been the attacker.
    Rescue teams have arrived at the scene of the blast, and efforts to transfer the injured to Jinnah hospital are underway.
    The blast could be heard at least three to four kilometres away.
    Police and Rangers have arrived at the scene and have cordoned off the area, and the bomb disposal squad has arrived and is inspecting the site.
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    if a complete month goes without a bomb blast in pak. then it should be news.

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