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    The setting of the movie is in the 1970s .

    Two wannabe criminals kidnap a rich man's beautiful but aging wife ( Jennifer Aniston ) and demand ransom---only to be roadblocked in their scheme ; for the husband is planning to divorce her anyway and is not ready to save her , simply refusing to pay the ransom . He has a less beautiful but younger and sexier mistress whom he is planning to marry .

    The two wannabe criminals are clumsy and the plot gets clumsier once things don't happen the way the two want them to be . Twists and turns are followed by more twists and turns till the whole thing looks flimsy....

    The start of the movie seems serious enough , but as the ransom demand is rebuffed the situation turns farcical and not without a touch of comedy .

    Except Jennifer Aniston most of the characters are bad---her husband is willing to let her be killed and he is goaded on to do so by his mistress who is nothing but a vamp ; the kidnappers are amateur baddies anyway ; but the most dangerous character is a nazi cultist who is with the kidnappers but has a screw loose in the brain , and dangerously loose too....for he is crazy enough to think of sexually exploiting his kidnapped victim and has the madness to shoot guns and try to kill people...

    Caught between an indifferent husband and his dangerous mistress on one hand and kidnappers on the other , what is Jennifer to do ??
    Does she manage to outwit them all ??

    Watch the movie for the answers....

    The movie does get entertaining for a while and gives a few laughs for some time till it loses it's way near the end....but the director does save the movie with a twist in the climax....

    Of course , the kidnappers are only filmy villains and could hardly pass off as real life criminals---for they are too much fumbling and bumbling and their plans are too corny to exist in reality .

    But we don't go to the movies to encounter reality do we ?? We go to get entertained and the movie does deliver up to some extent on that front...

    And if your plans to get entertained are not too ambitious then the film is worth a dekko....

    Verdict---Nothing fantastic , but some entertainment .

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