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    Are the expendables getting old ?? That is the question that goes through Sly Stallone's mind when his mission with the expendables goes wrong....

    Not only are the expendables caught by surprise by the appearance of an ex member of their group ( played by Mel Gibson ) in the opponents' camp on their mission to intercept a shipment of bombs for a warlord in Somalia , but one of them gets badly injured in the ensuing firefight and they are forced to back off....

    So Sly goes off to recruit new members including an attractive woman , and plans his new mission to capture Mel Gibson using the new recruits .

    But the old members of expendables are angered by this decision and are not ready to give up so easily . To add to this a chatterbox character ( played by Antonio Banderas ) wants to join too , and runs from pillar to post chasing Ross ( the name of Sly in the film ) .

    So does the mission to capture Mel work out ??
    Are the new expendables better than the old ?? Is youth better than experience ??
    What will happen to the old expendables now that their uses are seemingly over ??

    Watch the film for the answers....

    There is not much scope for acting in this kind of film crowded with many characters , and even Sly Stallone has not attempted any great histrionics . Banderas' attempt at comedy by continuously yak yakking does irritate , but that is minor stuff .

    The action in the film cannot be called mindblowing , but gives some decent entertainment . It gives you what you want in adequate doses---automatic rifles crackling with bullets fired and cartridges expended , bombs exploding , helicopters raining death from the air , tanks storming buildings with booming guns , skyscrapers collapsing neatly into piles of rubble....all the works....

    But hey !! The film does not break the golden rule that the final fight between the two protagonists ( Sly and Mel ) should and should be old fashioned hand to hand combat---all the high tech weapons be damned....Nothing like the sight of two hard muscled oldies taking off their jackets to square off by planting blows on each other....

    The movie kept me interested with it's firepower for quite some time though the fighting lacked the intensity of great action movies . Maybe the intention of the director was not to make a great movie either , but to offer the fans of action oldies like Slyvester Stallone and Arnold Shwarznegger a chance to see them in combat without too much frills . So the battle front moves from Somalia to Romania and keeps churning out fire and sweat and heat and smoke.....

    Nice to see actors who were rivals in the 90s come together to give us some medium octane entertainment....And nicer to see some newer guys join them too---not to forget the young lady who throws punches and somersaults like a he-man....

    Won't mind another sequel at all....

    Verdict---Quite okay .

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