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    Both Tabu and Ajay Devgan have matured sufficiently to play parents of young boys and girls , even when the Khans and Kumars are romancing young girls .

    Drishyam tells the story of a self made man ( Ajay Devgan ) who may be hald educated , but has a brain which works like a razor....and his heart is in the right place , for it beats only for his family....

    And his family is the world to him , consisting of two daughters and wife ( played by Shriya Sharan )....the setting is Goa....they are middle class maharashtrians who live life within their limited means and do so happiliy....

    But one day the members of this family get involved in a terrible incident , though the incident is not of their making....

    Vijay ( Devgan ) has been bold enough to confront a police officer over his corruption earlier , and now that police officer is on to his tail to get Vijay's family arrested for the incident....

    And powerful people ( Tabu , who plays a very high level police officer ) want to see the culprits arrested because they and their near and dear ones are are personally involved , while all needles of suspicion point towards Vijay....

    But ultimately your sympathy goes towards the suspects , while the police will be looked with fear and loathing....and such are the power packed performances by the family to protect each other that the task of sympathising with them becomes too easy....
    The police officer named Gaitonde also evokes your hatred by his performance as the face of evil .

    The story is slow in the first half , but boy!! when it picks up momentum it just arrests your attention in the second half....

    The music I found to be almost nonexistent , or maybe my mind was too much absorbed in the story and skipped through it....

    What I remembered was Tabu's breasts jutting through her police uniform , something that was evident even in the film's promos....but her situation was such that I wondered why she had been made to wear such a figure hugging dress ; was not a more demure dress correct for such a situation....??

    Whatever be the mistakes , the film moves at a electric pace once it picks momentum , and is superbly crafted....the ending is most satisfying especially , for it bring closure to the people involved....

    So why the name Drishyam ( the sighting ) ?? That I think is because Vijay cleverly succeeds in convincing many people that they have sighted him in some other place than where the incident took place on that day , and their alleged 'sightings' of him form a formidable stumbling block in the police investigation .

    The film has been made on a smallish budget , for it has no fancy locations and no fancy photography even though the setting of Goa was ideal for that . The director has concentrated on making it a thriller , and his concentration has worked brilliantly !!

    Verdict---Real good .
    Four stars .
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    Excellent story by Jeethu Joseph, this was first made in Malayalam later in Kannada, Telgu, Tamil & now in Hindi.

    Looks like even Hindi version will make good money.

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