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    The setting is Paris , with the Eiffel tower making occasional appearances as backdrop .

    Kevin Costner plays a CIA agent who has got only a short time to live because of cancer . He decides to try to reconnect with his wife and daughter who he has neglected for many years as he gave those years to fight for his country's security .

    But his world has changed while he was out fighting battles away from home .When he returns to his house he finds an African family in his house which the French government refuses to evict . And his wife and daughter are very angry for all those years of neglect .
    Inspite of this Kevin tries hard to win back their affection .

    And once a spy , always a spy....
    In walks sizzling CIA agent Vivi ( Amber Heard ) who promises to extend his life by injecting him with a new cancer drug , but only if he will help kill an international arms dealer called Wolf---for Kevin has seen him on a failed mission and can recognize him .

    So now Kevin has a double task---completing a CIA mission that will prolong his life , and win his way back into his wife and daughter's heart . And he has to juggle both tasks at the same time , with the additional rider that his wife and daughter should not know that he is on another CIA mission---a fact that will break their hearts as they have been led to believe that Kevin has left his job .

    So can he do both tasks ?? And will the new drug extend Kevin's life to allow him to spend more time with his loved ones ?? Watch the movie for the answers....

    The movie has some genuine heart warming moments as you see Kevin reconnecting with his daughter---teaching her how to ride a bicycle to the approving cheers of some senior citizens , showing her how to do a ball dance , interrupting an interrogation to guide her on making italian food.....

    And you wish the director had stuck to those scenes....

    For the action scenes neither have the punch nor do they hold your interest . Vivi looks increasingly garish in her everchanging wigs and outlandish attire . And the villains neither are menacing nor are they impactful .

    Of course , both Kevin's wife and daughter look good . And the moments he spends with them are the best moments in the movie .

    The director had a beautiful setting---Paris . But he fails to capture it's beauty and tries to concentrate on badly managed action sequences . Of course , the modern changes in Paris are shown---and that modernity consists of immigrants like Africans and Arabs and their lovely women .

    In between , their are some funny scenes trying to evoke a few laughs as Kevin's interrogations of suspects are interrupted by his daughter's phones . And the audience did respond by some laughter . Sadly that was not enough to uplift the film....

    Verdict---not good .
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    "Taken" movie series is better if looking for spy thrillers + family rescue. Liam Neeson all the way.
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    I second this verdict :thumb:

    I wasted my 90 min on this flick :cry:

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