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    Kangana Ranaut's dreams of happy marriage and romance on honeymoon are rudely shattered when her fiance Rajkumar Yadav abruptly calls off the wedding . The simple and sweet Kangana breaks down into tears and closes her room for one day while relatives try to calm her down . When she emerges from her room , she has taken a decision---to go on her honeymoon ( tickets have been already booked before ) alone....

    What follows is a journey of self discovery in a foreign land . Of course ,the journey of self discovery has to be within limits---there are restrictions placed on the director . Those restrictions are based on Indian culture and upbringing---but of course . Kangana cannot lose her virginity and duly returns back with her virginity safe and intact .

    But this is the 21st century and she can have some fun for herself---especially because she is alone . So she gets drunk and does some wild dancing in a rowdy pub . She changes her attire from demure to somewhat more exposing . She sleeps in a room full of boys and hangs out with them . She gets to visit a prostitutes den in the guise of delivering a parcel . And she even gets to kiss a man ( white man of course ) whom she has a crush on....

    And all the while she is lucky because she meets sympathetic friends , who do not take advantage of her innocence but help her on the way . The gang of boys she lives with do not hit on her . And she meets a friend of half Indian origin ( Lisa Haydon ) who is wild and sexy and fun loving but has a heart of gold and eases Kangana's transformation from innocent damsel to smart woman . Note---such luck is to be found only in the fantasy world of Bollywood and other girls could find themselves in tougher situations if they try to emulate Kangana .

    And along the way Kangana changes from Rani ( her name in the film ) to the english version of her name---Queen.

    When she returns to India she is a self confident young woman able to take her own decisions . And decisions she has to take---for Vijay ( Rajkumar Yaadav ) is trying to inch back in her life with a proposal of marriage....

    Kangana has done the acting of sweet innocent girl learning to live in the big bad world really well and is heart of the film . The way she remains nice even after becoming smart has been enacted well . Actually everybody including Lisa Haydon have acted well and the film has strong performances from everybody . Music is decent too .

    The movie is a women's movie but the director has played it smartly---other than the jerk of a fiance ( Rajkumar Yadav ) no man is shown to be a jerk or to be bad . So hopefully the men will like it too . At least I did....

    Verdict---Nice movie .
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