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    Let me say that this is the first movie I am reviewing on public demand . Too many people on too many forums were demanding that I review this film and hence I went and saw the film .

    Problem is that whenever too many people say that a particular film is good it builds up a lot of expectations in the mind......and the problem is that when you go with too many expectations in mind the experience is distinctly underwhelming.....
    The film rarely matches upto the expectations and you feel it has been overhyped......
    Mostly it is better to see a film without expectations , good or bad , and let the goodness or badness of the film sink in your mind.....

    What compounded the increase in my expectations are the box office reports of the film---and this film is doing really well at the box office.

    One thing about the film---it carries punjabification of hindi films to its furthest and many of the dialogues in the first half are part least until the arrival of the bong heroine with her queen's accented english and polished manners .

    So the hero ( played by Ayushmann Khurrana ) is a typical punjabi from Delhi with typical punjabi manners and punjabi mom and grandmom---all largehearted folks leading life merrily , drinking ( even the mom and grandmom ) and not letting the death of the hero's father affect their fun , their little joys and their life .

    In barges Dr Chaddha ( Annu Kapoor ) who for no reason at all , feels that Vicky ( Ayushmann ) would make a good sperm donor for women with husbands who have some....err....problem , and need the sperm of another man to conceive. The reason why Vicky is chosen is frankly unconvincing and we will have to leave to cinematic liberty to understand as to why only Vicky fits the bill when too many other men can do this job .
    But Dr Chaddha wants only Vicky and only him . And this opens the floodgates of money for Vicky as money pours in from Chaddha .

    But what about his personal life ?? He falls for a bong babe ( Yami Gautam ) who is as different from him as cheese from chalk---while he and his family are roughhewn earthy punjabis , she is classy and beautiful and cultured and a real lady . You have to give credit to the director that he manages to make two different people from different backgrounds look like a real couple---you soon begin to feel its a match made in heaven.....until Yami finds out that she cannot ever become a mother......

    Amazingly , she and her family do not know Vicky's real profession and marry him thinking he's a businessman. Only now does the secret tumble out.....

    Now will Yami accept this fact about her husband's life ??
    Will she come to terms with the fact that her husband literally shags for a living ( using her words ) ??

    Go and find out in the theater or on DVD for that.....

    The film is enjoyable only if we accept that the director has to be given a lot of cinematic liberty . For example , in real life a sperm donor is not allowed to meet the children he fathered , but in the film a full scale party is arranged where all his fathered children come with their parents and he is allowed to mingle with them !!!

    However one must admit that the director has handled the whole topic of sperm donation sensitively and one must give full marks to him for that . Acting by everyone is top class , including Vicky's mother and grandmother who inject real humour in their roles .

    Why the film is doing well at the box office is easy to understand . People nowadays like feelgood subjects and this is one of them .

    I for one found it to be only a decent film , not fantastic . However this my personal opinion and people are welcome to differ---there is something in the film because of which I feel others might like it more than I did .

    Verdict---decent .
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    Perfectly said,.............Gone to watch the movie for the sake of Yami Gautam

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