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    Johnny Depp plays a researcher who wants to develop a machine that has human like feelings and intelligence , and has gone so far in his research that he is able to upload minds of living things onto computers so that the computers can think like living beings . But some extremists who oppose this terming it as misuse of technology ( ' playing God ' is what they call it ) shoot him with radioactive bullets . He has only a month to live , and in a desperate attempt to save him , his wife ( played by Rebecca Hall ) uploads his mind onto a computer .

    Johnny's body dies out but his mind has ' transcended ' into the computer , and on his request his wife further uploads his mind into the internet from the computer .

    Upto this point Johnny was seeming to be the hero of the movie ( and he still is....) but from this point his character begins to slowly acquire shades of grey . His earlier dream was to use technology to help rebuild nature and help forests to grow and clean the river system to the extent that water could be drank without purification from the river itself . But now that he has the power to use his mind ( which is uploaded onto the internet ) to control the internet itself , his goal changes to becoming absolute dictator of the world....

    The situation reminded me of what the Greek philosopher Plato dreamt of centuries ago---a philosopher king who would use his absolute power to be just and fair and deliver justice . But when such a philosopher really became king , the power went to his head and he behaved just as corruptly as other kings---thus shattering Plato's dream .

    And now the extremists who shot Johnny and were seeming to be the villains in the earlier part of the movie now acquire properties of heroes as only they can try to stop Johnny's mind from using technology to not only become master of the earth but to convert humans into robots who act according to Johnny's bidding like slaves do for their owner .

    But Johnny is always one step ahead of them all the time . So he can be stopped only if he is betrayed by someone he trusts .

    So whom does he trust ??
    And does that person betray him ??

    Watch the movie for that....

    What I liked about the movie is the fact that amidst all the quest for power and domination , the characters have time for love.....
    And they never stop loving each other amidst the twist and turns of fate---fate which sometimes forces them to oppose and even destroy each other .

    And it is the power of love which ultimately triumphs....

    As the movie nears it's end , it transcends from an action and sci fi flick to become almost philosophical for a short while . And I liked this transcendence more that the transcendence of uploading a mind onto a computer---for the philosophy that is shown is the philosophy of doing good to people.....and somewhere in my mind , there resides a dreamer like Plato who dreams of a philosopher king....

    So I thought that the movie became better as it came to it's end....and good movies are those which become better towards their climax....

    The movie hasn't got great reviews , but at least I liked it.....

    Verdict---Good .

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