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    It's the swinging sixties and a producer originally from the south ( director of the film Ananth Mahadevan playing the role of Subba Rao ) decides to introduce India's first sex symbol as India has never had one before .

    Two babes are in the race for bagging the role . Interestingly both began their careers living in the same house as paying guests . But one of them ( Zara ) is ready to sleep with producers to get roles . The other ( Chandni ) is not . But naturally Zara bags the role of sex symbol .

    So one of them is good and the other is not . No prizes for guessing then as to who gets murdered ( Zara of course ) and who wins the heart of the hero ( Chandni ) . The director could have hardly shown Zara as the heroine after she compromised herself for success by sleeping with men for roles . The heroine ( Chandni ) has to be pure and virginal even though she does show her sizzling body to us in bikinis . Inspite of this Zara looks better than Chandni---she simply is very stylish . Only in the bikini scene I found myself lusting for Chandni . Other wise Zara scores over her any day .

    The hero---Himesh Reshamiyya is a man from UP who did well in south . Now he has been roped in Chandni's film as hero .
    About Himesh---He looks leaner than before . But acting has not improved---this I am presuming , because I didn't bother to see any of his films before and haven't seen him acting before . Delivers his dialogues with a deadpan expression throughout the film . Above all in the fight scenes it seems he is not moving his arms at all . Fights with only his legs like a robot or automaton without expression or feelings . Simply looks unconvincing because he hardly looks or acts like the invincible superstar he is supposed to be , and does not look like a man who can beat several men at a time or even one man . Yet he is supposed to be a police inspector in the past who has killed a corrupt politician and so lost his job , thus turning him to acting . He and Chandni fall in love with each other but their romance lacks soul and substance .

    Anyway Chandni gets a role in a film by a rival producer and her film does well at the box office , while Zara's film gets a bad start---thanks to the dirty tricks played by Chandni's film producer . Serious catfights erupt between Zara and Chandni and Zara falsely accuses Chandni of sleeping with men for success .

    There is the character played by Yo Yo Honey Singh who marries an older woman , but he does not act great either .

    In the midst of all this Zara gets killed by falling from the top of a building . So who is responsible for the murder . Watch the film for the answer if you can....

    The whole way the film has been directed seems to be odd and different . Himesh shows attitude with some genuinely cheesy dialogues---so cheesy that they gave some entertainment to the audience , who laughed at the sheer stupidity of such an unfit character as Himesh bragging about his so called 'invincibility' in those dialogues .

    Music is nothing to crow about and I was unimpressed . No work has been done on making the sixties era look authentic . Instead of sarees which were in vogue with actresses in the sixties we have both actresses and other women parading in modern western clothes .

    But the film does get better towards the end as the murder mystery deepens and the director has some interesting answers as to who murdered the actress .

    Verdict---okay film .
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    man! You see that movie! That too in theatre! Tell of how much you slept while watching this movie cause himesh is the man who have a great talent of making other sleep while singing, acting etc.
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