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    A young ( and of course good looking ) nanny is called all the way from the United States to Britain to look after a young boy....and on arrival she is straightway taken to a surprise by the boy's parents---though I am not revealing the surprise...
    It should be enough to reveal that the boy and his parents are all odd , and that things get odder as the movie progresses .

    Predictably for a horror movie , the mansion that she has to stay in is eerie and giant in size , with dark corridors ; it looks like a castle really . And of course , it is empty and situated in the countryside in the woods where hardly anyone ventures---the perfect and typical setting for a horror movie . Inspite of being empty , everything is perfectly in place in the mansion---except for the inhabitants' sanity ; now something is definitely wrong with that...

    The nanny being attractive , a flirtatious admirer duly appears---the local grocery boy . But even before the two start romancing each other , strange things begin to happen in the mansion---and what would be a horror movie without them...? Some bad things have happened in the mansion in the past....

    The nanny is convinced about a spirit residing in the mansion , and nearly manages to convince grocer boy too . But things start to get complicated as the nanny's dark past is revealed , and the past soon comes to catch up with her in the mansion....

    So is the mansion really haunted ? And how come the past of the nanny becomes intermingled with the strange happenings in the house ? Watch the movie for the answers .

    Some scenes are cliched horror movie scenes---the nanny moving along dark corridors and climbing the attic with candles in hand , for example . But when the jolts come---you prepare yourself for a jolt and still the jolt makes your hair stand on end ; that's what I liked about the film .

    Lauren Cohan looks good , even sexy , as the her wearing lacy panties preparing herself for a bath---she gives you the hots without even showing too much skin . Rupert Evans looks too good for a grocery boy .

    Photography is good and even better are the colours of the movie .The mansion is beautifully photographed from outside and the photography makes it appear quite eerie from inside . Background score is decent . The director does manage to keep a sense of mystery hanging about in the film . The film cannot be called great , but it does deliver some on the spot entertainment .

    Verdict---Decent .

    Three stars.

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