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    Spectre begins with a spectacular fight scene ending in a helicopter which swings and swerves wildly as the fight develops , and thus seemingly raises the expectation of similar scenes to follow with it's splendid photography . And the visuals in the film don't disappoint throughout---glittering scenes of cityscapes are interspersed with super high speed car chases in snazzy cars that rocket down roads and alleyways with manic zeal , shimmering water of beautiful lakes is shown glistening in the midst of majestic mountains covered with white snow , tall and green pine trees are shown bursting out of the snow , and a train crossing the bleak ochre yellow desert is pictured superbly from high in the air till it reaches it's destination---the high tech den of the villain rising in the midst of a crater .

    The setting shifts dramatically from Mexico city to London to Rome to Austria to Morrocco and back till it ends in a climax . But after the first fight the action of the rest of the film does not match the opening sequence . Though the visuals keep you interested , the rest of the film does not match the zing of the opening . The beauty of the blonde heroine ( Lea Seydoux ) does does mesmerise though , especially when she is dressed in silvery silk .

    So James Bond ( Daniel Craig ) receives a posthumous message from M that he should go after her killers , and he does so without permission of his superiors who strip him off his double o status---the license to kill . But he and only he can fight the ever growing tentacles of a mysterious organization called SPECTRE , that threatens to destabilize the whole globe with it's terrorist attacks . And only he can reach it's head honcho ( Christoph Waltz ) , with whom he has a past personal connection . But he does not forget to tag along the beautiful leading lady along , and plant sumptuous kisses and make sumptuous love to her on the train taking him to his destination---in the midst of nerve racking fights with the chief assassin of SPECTRE ( played by Dave Bautista ) .

    But it all adds up to only a decent film---not great by any standards . The usual things are there---the signature James Bond music , the car fitted with high octane exhausts that pump out fire on chasing cars , the bomb explosions , the assassinations , the stunning women , and as usual James Bond falling short of commitment to any of the women---even those who claim to be in love with him....after all he will bed a new woman in the next film . But the acting by all the actors cannot be called great , and the plot of the film is not fantastic . Die hard James Bond fans can extract some entertainment from it however .

    Three stars .

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