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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I liked the movie.

    It has patriotic touch.

    Brilliant cinematography & stunning action.

    Script is somewhat weak, but it did not bother me much.

    Direction is equally good & makes you look forward to next installment.
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    Aaah !! To be James Bond....

    You chase a bad guy up and down an exotic city in the mystical orient ( Istanbul---Constantinople for those waiting to see it liberated from the clutches of the Turks ) first in a car and then on a motorbike making impossible jumps without hitting or killing any living soul....

    ....and then the chase continues on a train until you are shot at the hands of a delectable black girl....

    But lo !! you still survive the shot by falling deep into water , and are saved to end up being caressed tenderly by the loving fingers of a lovely woman in bed.....

    This whole action sequence is shot beautifully making it one of the best starts to a Bond movie ever---making you ask for more....

    But the more does not come at all....

    Instead what you get to see is a plot to expose the identities of all MI6 agents on Youtube metamorphose into a mission to save Bond's boss M from the revenge of an old MI6 agent who is out to settle old scores with her....

    And what a villain is the old wronged MI6 agent....all blonde and gay....

    Yes , gay enough to lay his hands on James Bond's muscular thighs stroking them with lust in his eyes....

    And with this gay villain getting centerstage , the women are sidelined....we don't get to see Bond on top of the delectable black girl at all....and the one he gets to bed is shot dead within a short time....

    Yeah ,the exotic locations are all there photographed with skill---from the hideous beauty of Shanghai ( hideous because it was built by kicking out 3 million poor people from their homes ) to the modern wonders of Macau....

    .....And so are the high tech bond gadgets like an antique car that fires machine gun fire from hidden guns to a pistol that is coded to James Bond's palm prints....

    But ultimately it comes down to a showdown with the villain by the use of old shotguns and makeshift bombs in Bond's ancestral home in Scotland with an old geezer as ally....

    So can James Bond prevent MI6 operatives from being exposed ?? And most importantly , can he save M from being killed ??

    Go and see the movie for that....

    But is it worth the watch ?? I think not....

    For there are too many loose ends---like how does James survive the shot and fall from the train....and how does the villain escape so easily after being caught and held amidst tight security by MI6 ??

    The one thing that shines is Daniel Craig as James Bond---who is all brawn and muscle and acting performance....

    But to me at least , it wasn't enough to carry the film entirely on his ( admittedly broad ) shoulders....

    The action is bunched in at the start and at the end with the middle of the movie showing all talk but no action....

    Music is decent....

    But the movie is barely decent....

    Verdict---just about okay...
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    My wife is a Daniel Craig fan, finds him very smart and attractive, but the look in the movie with grey beard and all has left he severely disappointed.

    It seems that they have a story line which they want Bond to evolve. Lets wait for the next sequel.

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