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    spoiler alert !!

    So what does it require in you to become a star ??

    What's that special thing ??

    What makes you different ??

    What makes you stand out among the less-than-ordinary folks , so that people will say--look , this is a STAR !!

    The hero ( Ranbir Kapoor ) goes about searching for the answer to this question in his quest to become a rock singer and gets the answer---you need to have some special pain , some desperate unfulfilled ( but of course !! ) longing in your life that fuels the fire in you , that makes you churn out memorable numbers and performances , again and again....

    So he goes about searching for this special pain , and thinks that this can be found only in falling in love with this girl.....

    But where's the pain ??

    It can only be found after he gets to romance her , and yet loses her to someone else--again and again and again.....

    AAHHHH !! now thats real pain !!

    But what a pain....err , girl !!

    She has multiple suleimani rehmani haraaaaami keedas up her *** , and wants to fulfill her wild fantasies before she gets married--to poke peeing people on the streets into embarrasment , to dancing like chhamiya in ladies bars , tease whores in the red light area....phew !!

    Now if only I got introduced to such a girl , I too would give up my profession to become docstar....err , rockstar.....:laugh:

    But whats required to become not just a star but a rockstar is to be a bad boy.....( hello Salman , hello Sanjay Dutt :laugh: )

    And that bad boy behaviour should displayed on the streets , in open brawls with fans , in fisticuffs with police officers.....

    The credit must go to Ranbir Kapoor for playing this role all too well , powering creditable intensity and zany madness into his acting .

    But the real rockstar is singer Mohit Chauhan !!

    For he sings some memorably hummable numbers giving playback singing to Jordan--the name given to Ranbir Kapoor's selfdestructive avtar in the film.

    And the girl ( Nargis Fakhri )??

    She meets jordan again and again in the film--in the campuses of Delhi , in Kashmir's beautiful countryside , in parag ( as Prague is called in the film :laugh: ) , to fuel his wanton passions , to give impetus his budding creativity.....

    But he never gets her.....not really.....and what we get to listen due his pain of not getting her is some decent music....

    In the end she dies with him at her bedside.....

    Question is--will this loss be enough to power a lifetime of rocking and singing ??

    But why be selfish for listening to good music and want him to lose her ??


    As the poet-philosopher Rumi reminds us in the film--'' In some time and place where normal laws and rules of the world dont apply , we will surely meet.....''

    Certainly so....amen to that !!:thumb:

    Verdict on the movie--decent enough.....
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    Meh! I was dragged into the movie by a few friends, thoughit started off pretty nice. I could hear the vibrant notes about pain fuelling passion, enjoyed the lil' romps the duo had in the back lanes of Delhi, the main character's exile into the wild and self-realization at Hazrat Nizamudeen and the beautiful valleys and peaks of Kashmir, but after that it just devolved into typical Bollywood bullshit. Chick gets hitched, guy goes after, fails to get girl, girl comes back with life-threatening disease, guy's the one and only veritable cure and the whole world falls in place once again. The plot takes a nice turn after that, with her getting pregnant and dying. Some may not have enjoyed the ending, but I think it was different and good flair. On the whole tho, it had a whole lot more potential that wasn't exploited on-screen. I'd give it a 6.5/10.
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    Iam actually glad to see our Film Industry using movies for propaganda, Like the Hollywood!!

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