Ashdoc's movie review---Piranha 3DD

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Wanna see some really really booby babes flash the glory of their big boobs in 3D ??

    Wanna see a half naked girl come running closer and closer to you till her boobs hang partly out of her bikini top close to your face due to 3D effects ??

    Wanna see dozens and dozens of half naked bodies warm out in the sun or bob up and down in water ??.....and want them to be carefully chosen so that they are the best of the mouthwateringly best bodies ??

    Wanna see a about-to-die piranha take its exceedingly long dying gasps between the oh-so-invitingly spread legs of a lovely girl perilously close to her center ?? fact so close to her center that when it opens its mouth it appears all ready to gobble her delicious vitals.....

    And then do you wanna see the same girl spread her legs again in a bath-tub only to dream of a piranha again lunging for her center ??......and do you want this scene to be interrupted by the interval so that for a few minutes you are hoping to see the piranha lunging for her center after the interval ; only to be shown later that the whole scene was a nightmare ??

    And do you want to see a girl tell doctors that the reason her boyfriend got hurt was that while having sex a baby piranha jumped out of her pussy and bit her boyfriend's organ ?? no you naughty that scene is only described by the girl and the baby piranha is not actually shown coming out of the pussy to bite the organ
    ......After all its not a porno film.....

    After all this what else do you want ?? the story ??

    Well ,the story consists of ancient piranhas coming back after being long extinct and infesting a lake . They attack and literally tear to pieces anybody daring to come into the lake . As if this is not enough to cause trouble a stupid guy out to make an easy profit pumps water from the lake to a swimming pool......more blood , more screaming half naked girls , more saving to be done......

    Who cares ?? The girls are good , the piranhas seems almost lusty for female flesh ( in my last birth I was a piranha :laugh: ) and there's a lot of fun.....

    There's also David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame to waste himself by showing his drooping shoulders and sagging muscles trying to save some hot chicks.....

    What more do you need---except to cancel out David Hasselhoff the worlds most famous lifeguard from the film ( he must be really out of work to accept such a inconsequental role ) ?

    Verdict---Go watch and have fun.....
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    :pound: omg :lol: nice review, will have to watch it.

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