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    'Mardaani' tells the story of a goodlooking female cop ( played by Rani Mukherjee ) who literally wears the pants in her house and also in the film---for her husband is reduced to a sidekick as far as his role in the film is concerned . From her language at least , she seems to be marathi police officer married to a bengali doctor and living in aamchi Mumbai along with her niece . Her husband neither has her fighting skills ( she can throw punches and kicks with abandon ) nor does he object to her erratic work schedule which includes the occasional late night out on work .

    As expected from a 'Mardaani' she can deal with hardened criminals by coming to their own level---and the only level they know is the level of violence....
    But a major twist comes into her life as a girl she considers almost to be her daughter ( called Pyaari ) is kidnapped by the sex trafficking mafia and sold to be a prostitute . Shivani ( Rani's name in the film ) is hellbent on finding the whereabouts of Pyaari , and this sets her on track of finding out the kingpin of the sex trade .

    As every move by Shivani is followed by the kingpin's countermove , a deadly game begins....
    But the kingpin has a major advantage in this game---while Shivani's identity is well known , his own identity is unknown . Because of this , while he can strike at Shivani at will and can target even her husband ( as he does ) she has the onerous task of finding out who he is before she can actually get to him . And even if she does find out who he is , the task of actually finding out proof of his misdeeds seems to be almost hopelessly impossible . Especially because he is being protected by powerful politicians , like these human traffickers always are....

    So does Shivani find out who the kingpin is ??
    And what is her way of bringing him to justice ??
    What has happened to Pyaari ??

    The movie has some answers to these questions , and I found myself interested....

    The movie does move like a thriller with blow followed by counterblow by the police officer and the kingpin , and punch countered by counterpunch . And in the midst of all this , the kingpin has the chutzpah to phone Shivani to intimidate her regularly--- and the conversation between the two on mobile phone is peppered with some hard taunts and witty retorts .

    As the movie moves towards it's climax it begins to get bloody , but that is only to be expected . But it's a movie that takes itself seriously ( a commodity that is becoming rarer in Bollywood , especially among the list of successful films ) , something borne out by the fact that it has practically no songs . Rani Mukherjee playes the role of a dynamic female police officer with confidence , and the villain is played by Tahir Bhasin with sophistication menace and unparalleled ruthlessness in equal measure .

    There are some shots of barenaked female backflesh , but the bare backs wont give you the hots unless you are a pervert . For those female backs are uncovered by sex slaves in the midst of the cruelty of force being applied on them , and the circumstances of the body exposure seem gruesome .

    All in all---I found myself interested throughout , and there is never a dull moment in the film .

    Verdict---Not fantastic but good enough .

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