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    Tushar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh try to recreate the magic of their superentertaining movie ' kya cool hai hum ' years later by adding the word ' super ' to the title .

    '' sigh '' --if wishes were horses beggars would ride.....
    And just adding the word ' super ' does not enhance the entertainment of the movie.....

    The earlier movie had a powerpacked performance by Isha Koppikar as inspector Urmila Martodkar , the kolhapuri mirchi with the ghati accent who looked mouthwateringly enticing in red saris and acted with the practised ease of a veteran . But this movie has two novice actresses in lead roles and they simply lack the experience to fit the mighty shoes of Isha Koppikar .

    So the load of shouldering the movie rests on acting talent ( whatever it amounts to ) of Tushar and Ritesh ; on that and on a lot of corny sex jokes----its a sex comedy after all.....
    ......and together they fail to deliver , inspite of desperate attempts to crack dirty jokes in every situation .

    So what dirty jokes ?? For those desperate to know about them here are some---
    Anupam Kher is father of one of the heroines and his name is Marlo ( maar lo ) and he has an uncanny habit of turning around and showing his protruding ass after saying '' maar lo '' .
    As if this is not enough , his dead mother is named Rose Mary Marlo ( roz meri maar lo ) .
    And he believes that his mother has been reincarnated as a female dog !! ( The word '' bitch '' is too much for a respectably lady )
    Such a person can also be fooled to believe that his father has also been reincarnated as a male dog---and that dog is the dog which is in possession of Ritesh.....anything goes.....
    So a wedding is of the dogs is duly arranged---but not before the two dogs have had a roll in the hay , or rather grass.....

    Its upto the two heros to bring Anupam of maar lo and roz meri maar lo fame to his senses and make the right matches---those of the two heros to the heroines.....

    But for dullards such as these two its not a easy job especially if Ritesh who is a DJ has a horrible habit of called his compact discs as dics ( dicks ) and lands up at gay parties talking of his liking for hard dicks....oh he really meant hard discs you see.....

    The one good thing is that both heros dont seem to have aged since the last film . Ritesh must have complained through his exchief minister father about the lack of footage given to him in the last film and the screen space being hogged by Tushar in that film for he gets good footage in this film .
    Sadly that does not help make the film any better....or does it make the film worse ?? ( evil thought )

    Tushar has improved his body.....but in his haste to do that did he forget to do the same to his acting skills ?? ( evil thought again ashdoc )
    He is once again like in the last film in search of a lucky female soulmate but this time without the black spot on her heart .
    Question is---does the black spot bring real luck ?? For without it the film is going to sink faster than the titanic at the box office.....

    Verdict---not good .

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