Ashdoc's movie review---Kochadaiiyaan 3D ( Hindi )

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    This is the first time I saw a Rajnikant film in the theater . Of course , I had seen his hindi films on TV/Video earlier and liked some of them like ' Andha Kanoon ' .

    But this film lacked the typical style of Rajnikant---the style of doing various tricks with the flick of a hand .

    What we see is Rajnikant acting more like a regular hero---a role which any other actor could have done . Nothing in the film which is tailormade especially for Rajanikant .

    Rajanikant plays three roles---that of father and his two sons . Father is general of one kingdom . He defeats the rival kingdom in naval battle only to prove himself to be as stupid as a long list of Indian warriors from Prithviraj Chauhan onwards . Just like Prithviraj Chauhan is alleged to have allowed his opponent Muhammed Ghauri to escape after defeating him , only to be defeated and killed by Ghauri later , Elder Rajanikant also allows the enemy to escape after defeat . Just as Muhammad Ghauri proved to be unscrupulous , the rival kingdom also is unscrupulous and poisons Elder Rajanikant's soldiers---thus forcing defeat and slavery on Rajanikant's soldiers . Elder Rajanikant returns to his kingdom to be killed by his king---who was jealous of rajani's rising popularity and was waiting for an excuse for getting rid of him .

    But his son ( junior rajnikant , who is only a kid at this time ) promises to liberate the soldiers made slaves by the rival kingdom and avenge not only his kingdom's defeat but also his father's death . His attempt comes a whole generation later when he grows up , but he uses the same soldiers who were made slaves by the rival kingdom long ago . This is one glaring inconsistency in the movie . For wont those soldiers be old then ?? How can they fight in old age ??

    Along the way Junior rajani falls in love with his evil king's daughter deepika padukone , and rajni's sister falls in love with the king's son . How uninspiringly unoriginal to rehatch the same plot of hero falling in love with villain's daughter !! Cant they think of anything new !!

    So can Junior rajanikant achieve his goals ??
    Of course he can !! He is Rajanikant after all !!

    But can the director achieve her goal of entertaining us ?? She too is Rajanikant's daughter after all !!

    Naah !!

    The invincibility of Rajanikant does not have been passed to his daughter who has directed a mediocre film . The only thing that is good is the animation and special effects , which are international class---except for the animation of deepika padukone which is not perfect . But the palaces , armies of armed and mounted soldiers , the navy's warships---all are created on a grand scale which is impressive . Music is decent enough .

    The climax of the movie however is flat and does not give us the high that a great movie should give . Battle scenes are not properly executed .

    I dont know about Rajani's die hard fans in the south , but the north indian viewer is not going to be impressed by this movie .

    Verdict---Nothing special .

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