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    Two decades after 'Jurassic park' comes 'Jurassic world'---and the time lag between the 3rd instalment of the movie and the fourth has helped in increasing the excitement of the genre all over again...and the change of name from 'park' to 'world' has helped in that too...

    The theme is the same---of a giant zoo where dinosaurs are genetically bred , and how man's interference with nature can lead to catastrophic consequences . Thankfully the movie does not get too preachy about's not meant to.

    So two young brothers are sent by their parents to enjoy their holiday with their aunt....but the aunt is not really interested in them ( except in sending them back safe and sound to their parents , a mammoth task in itself because of the mayhem that is to be unleashed in the park...err world ) for she is the park/world's operations manager and is too busy in the task of creating newer dino-marvels to keep the visitors interested .

    The park is a marvel in itself , with children getting to ride on the backs of the more docile dinosaurs and boat rides through lakes full of aquatic dinosaurs and vehicle rides through lush green terrain containing land living dinosaurs . The star attractions are the bigger carnivores of course , like the Tyrranosaurus rex and a genetically modified larger version of it along with a huge aquatic dinosaur that dwarfs everything else .

    Needless to say , I was greedily looking for trouble to break out in this pseudoparadise as was rest of the audience . And trouble did break out , with one of the giant carnivores tricking it's controllers and breaking out into the open...but not without taking a deadly toll on human life....

    And do I even have to say that aunt and kids and her admirer ( who is the hero of the film ) get caught up in the mayhem , and that saving their lives seems to be the main concern of the director....lives of countless others that are lost be damned , but the lead actors must remain alive....

    Countless others are killed because escape of one dinosaur unleashes a chain of events whereby others of the same ilk also find freedom to start a carnage....from small but deadly velociraptors to flying dinosaurs , all of them join the hunt for human flesh....

    The dinosaurs of the carnivore kind look menacing , radiating evil not only from their gleaming sharp teeth but also from their eyes which are forever looking for more prey....and the expressions on their faces radiate death , horrible death....
    And they all look real , as if they have been photographed in the wild by photographers of Animal planet or National geographic---full marks to the creators on this one .

    But it all looks too easy....I mean the escape of the dinosaurs into the come all the high tech security fails all too easily in containing them , and how come the dinos can unleash such carnage with such ridiculous ease....looks all fake compared to the original 'Jurassic park' part one---for me at least that will remain the best of the series . Maybe Steven Spielberg should be at the helm instead of just overseeing the film....

    Anyway , photography is splendid---of the vast natural bounty of the park , and some of the action scenes have been superbly picturised . But in the end the action turns into sheer carnage as a great deal of destruction happens , and some of it is slightly repetitive . Music is nothing special though 3D effects are decent . Of course , the film has enough for kids to enjoy and even adults to savour---especially if the adults are the kids' parents .

    As an Indian , I was pleased to see Indian Bollywood actor Irfan Khan in the film---but it promptly turned into disappointment . Irfan hasn't acted well , and the way he spoke in english was not too great . Actually he is good actor in Bollywood movies , but his acting here was only so so .

    Should a fifth instalment of the 'Jurassic' movies come ?? Why's still fun to see the huge reptiles in ugly and creepy are these creatures that the sheer ugliness and creepiness instils fear into the human mind . The sight of these horrible creatures opening their mouths wide to eat up a living being is still awesome , and the thud of their feet is terrifying in dolby digital sound....

    Verdict---Good .
    Three stars.
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