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    This is supposed to be based on a true story that inspired the novel 'Moby Dick' . And because it is supposed to be a true story , it suffers from the fact that cinematic liberty cannot be used to dramatise things . Fact may be stranger than fiction , but it does not always work to entertain people on celluloid where people would prefer to be entertained by fiction---as the lack of spark in this film proves .

    So the writer of 'Moby Dick' meets an old sailor and gives up his life's savings to make him tell his story---of being a young boy who sailed on a whaler ( a ship which killed whales to remove their oil ) to the middle of the pacific ocean in the early nineteenth century , only to be attacked by a giant white whale which broke the ship and left the sailors stranded on smaller boats . The story of their survival is recounted , including having to eat the flesh of their dead mates to survive .

    The film has a dark and depressing hang to it , and the music adds to the melancholy of it . At the start a mysterious air is created and we expect some really dramatic and mysterious things to happen , but when they do happen they are less dramatic than expected . The first mate ( Chris Hemsworth ) and the captain ( Benjamin Walker ) of the ship are both at loggerheads in the start ; Chris has expected to be captain , only to be pipped at the post by the inexperienced Benjamin who is son of the fleet's owner . But the director does not exploit their tension to create twists and turns in the tale . Rather they forego their differences in the later part of the film---clearly a real life happening .

    So whatever excitement is to be created is created by the whale . But I thought the whale created more suffering than excitement . The trials and tribulations of the crew---they are not worth going to the theatre to see the movie .

    So how many sailors survive to tell their tale of misery ? What are the repercussions of their tale of woe on the whaling business ? You will have to watch the movie to get the answers .

    Chris Hemsworth looks ruggedly handsome throughout the movie . Benjamin Walker looks decent too . Cilian Murphy acts well as second officer . Acting wise , I would say that everyone played their part well . Photography is decent too , with some good shots of hunting the whales and extracting their oil . But colours are dull and make the film look monochromatic . 3D effects are nothing to talk about .

    Verdict---Just about okay .
    Two stars .

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