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    Priya Banerjee plays Ananya Tripathi , who is a successful novelist writing novels about love and longing . Needless to say , she is goodlooking . Sameer Kochar plays Ranvir Dhillon , her fiance . Ananya also teaches in a college and here she has many male admirers among her students . Not surprising , considering the fact that she wears miniskirts and cleavage baring tops while teaching . Even I fell in love....he he .

    But two admirers among her students are particularly pesky . One is the son of a local politician and openly asks sexual favours from her . The other is the anti hero of the film , Dhruv played by Karanvir Bohra . He is obsessively in love with Ananya and imagines that she loves him back . But all hell breaks lose when she rejects him ; he resorts to direct violence not only against her but also against her fiance and her other admirer and those who try to warn him off . Dhruv sets on a killing spree and murders those whom he thinks come in between him and Ananya . And the movie also loses control and veers off mark .

    The first half is decent , with Anaya coming in Dhruv's dreams and looking attractive in his imaginary romantic settings . Colours of the movie are superb and photography is excellent , making the movie a visual treat especially because it is set in the scenic setting of the hill station of Manali in the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas . Songs and background music is good too and melodious . But the movie worsens as it progresses and by the time it climaxes it has gone bad . Acting is okay by everyone but nothing special.

    Verdict---Not good .

    One and a half star out of five .
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