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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Beautiful actresses mature like old wine---they look better as age catches up with them . Just look at Hema Malini.....

    But what about acting skills ?? Do they get better with time ?

    THEY DO !!!....That is , if Sridevi's performance in this film is anything to go by....

    ......For not only she puts up a magnificient acting performance but it is she who holds the film together for a whole two and a quarter hours as she takes us through a range of emotions---first mild contempt at her lack of english speaking skills , then sympathy for her plight , then increasing pride at her bravura attempts to learn the language , then the sweet smell of romance ( aha !! )as she begins to bond with a guy and then adoration as you sit spellbound in the cinema hall watching her acting prowress......

    She's the archetypal Maharashtrian Indian woman bound to tradition and family and old customs---to the point of having to bear unquestioningly the taunts from her pesky daughter who forever has a chip on her shoulder about her mom's english speaking skills---or her rather lack of them.....

    But freedom comes in the land of the free....!!!

    As she lands in New York for planning a wedding without her family she decides to learn english.....

    Its time to meet new friends from different places across the globe---whites , blacks , pakistanis , French and even gays.....

    And its time to get attention of a Frenchman ( who else wouldn't leave even a married fortyish woman alone ) and its time to seek success.....

    But her world---her family---is not far away.....ultimately an typical Indian woman cannot forget her roots her home and her hearth.....

    But when they meet her again---do they meet a changed woman or not ??

    I am not telling---go to the cinema hall and find out for yourself.....I did and with happy results....

    The movie is full of politically correct messages---friendship between Indians and Pakistanis , beginnings of love between a white gay and and a black gay man....

    Now which of the other yesteryears actresses are gonna make a comeback ??---I dont mind having wet dreams ( again !! ) of ladies I used to fantasise in tenth standard in school.....

    Verdict---Nice , real nice .
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    wet dreams of wagah candle kissers
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