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    'Do lafzon kee kahani' is a simple and predictable love story set in Malaysia , and stars Randeep Hooda and Kajal Agarwal in the lead roles .

    Randeep is a boxer by profession , who becomes an enforcer for a gangster because he is fooled out of his career by another boxer and his wife . But in the midst of this violence , he becomes unwittingly responsible for the blindness of a sweet girl ( Kajal ) . Unknowing of this , the blind Kajal falls in love with Randeep , who himself does not know of what he had unwittingly done . But when Randeep comes to know of this , he resolves to raise money for a costly operation that will restore Kajal's eyesight . But it is lot of money and Randeep literally has to stake his very life for it .

    So does Randeep succeed in raising the money and still surviving at the end of it all ? Will Kajal be able to see Randeep with her very own eyes , someone whom she only managed to feel with her hands earlier ? Watch the movie for that....

    There is a lot of violence in the movie , yet it seems like a love story all the time . That it self is the triumph of director Deepak Tijori . Even though the storyline is predictable , the director has also managed to keep things simple and sweet as far as the love story is concerned . You also tend to overlook a lot of things that are unrealistic in the movie while you are immersed in seeing the movie , and that itself is another triumph .

    The chemistry between the lead pair is really nice and Kajal Agarwal looks so sweet and vulnerable and delicate , even though actually she is no beauty . Randeep has pulled off the act of looking real hard in the exterior but having a soft heart and he has pulled this off really well .

    Music is good and songs are really nice---it is they that set the mood for romance rather than violence in the movie . No spectacular scenes are filmed , but still photography is decent .

    But in the end the unrealism of the movie and the predictability does catch up with you , and the impression of the movie is not really great . Not worth writing a even a long review over it . However it has it's sweet moments .

    Verdict---Okay .

    Two and a half stars .

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