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    images.jpeg The movie is about the downfall of Roger Ailes ( John Lithgow ) , the powerful head of Fox news . This occurs due to sexual harassment charges brought about by Gretchen Carlson ( Nicole Kidman ) , a former employee fired from Fox news . She has foreseen her removal from her job and has already met with lawyers who ask her to collect testimony from other women for indicting Ailes .

    At first Gretchen is not able to find other women to give evidence against Ailes , but another employee of Fox named Megyn Kelly ( Charlize Theron ) who herself has been a victim of sexual harassment by Ailes does manage to get other women to admit that they were sexually harassed by Ailes . Chief among them is Kyla Pospisil ( Margot Robbie ) , who has been asked to pull up her skirt up to her undergarments by Ailes ( who breathes heavily upon seeing her exposed in such a manner ) who warns her that he will be unforgiving if she told this to anyone else .

    As evidence mounts against Ailes , he at first predictably denies the accusations and is supported by his wife . But when confronted by Carlson's recorded conversations with him he is forced by Fox owner Rupert Murdoch to resign . His very entry into Fox news building is banned and clearly it is a very unceremonious exit for him .

    The movie rests on authentic portrayals of the harassed women by the three lead actresses and the female star cast gives a very good performance . John Lithgow is stellar in his performance . He has both good and bad sides , taking advantage of vulnerable young women fearing for the security of their jobs and promotions in their career to sexually harass them . But also he helps those who are loyal to him by even paying their hospital bills and standing with them in difficult times .

    There have been many sexual harassment allegations , but why does the movie focus only on Fox news ? Is it because Fox news is the vanguard of the conservatives and right wing supporters who are political rivals of the liberal establishment ? As a right wing person myself , the laudable goal of the film is tarnished by this suspicion .

    Photography and colours of the film are good . The ladies all look elegant , and background music of the film is effective . Dialogues go a long way in making the film effective and have been written well bringing tension in several situations in the film .

    Verdict---Good .

    Three and a half stars out of five.
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    Andhra Pradesh, India
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    A hitjob against conservatives by the leftist owned Hollywood. Hollywood is the proverbial sacred volcano where young,nubile and innocent American women are sacrificed to lecherous liberal directors. Yet no one bothers to make a film on these predatory directors of Hollywood. Guess paedophiles do rule the world.
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    The left wing in India is bad because it's anti India. Left wing in USA is good because it's not pro-USA, xenophobic, anti immigrant. This actually helps Indians.
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    I Hope some day someone makes movie on Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein to show the right place of these Hollywood thugs . Thank god Ricky Gervais took these thugs to cleaners in Golden Globe awards monologue
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    Why Hollywood alone ---- many billionaires, politician's were part of his pedo ring ---- one is even ruling home of the brave :biggrin2: ---- even bill gates used to take Epstein Lolita express services :)
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    Really great info admin. I wrote a article about it and covered reviews on upcoming Hollywood,Bollywood movies. So why not you should take look at it :-

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