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    I was seeing a marathi ( my mother tongue ) film in a cinema hall after 4 years .In the last 15 years I had seen only 3 marathi films in cinema halls---Sarkarnama , Bindhaast , Mee Shivaji Raje Bhonsale boltoy.....
    .....And this was only my second review of a marathi film---I had earlier seen ' Deool ' on TV and reviewed it .

    I went to see this film because it was doing well even though '' Chennai Express '' was storming the box office .

    The film shows a rich boy ( Swapnil Joshi ) going to the college selected by his mother ( Varsha Usgaonkar ) , and meeting a gang of mischevious friends and their college antics .

    I was instantly disappointed.

    ....For why does marathi cinema have to go back to the seventies when people who were 30 plus in age used to play college kids ??

    Doesn't the director know that in this modern era real youngsters play college going students ??

    The hero is played by Swapnil Joshi who is about 34 or 35 years of age , and so are his cronies including the gang leader . These thirty somethings scarcely look like college going boys .

    While he looked good when he was young Swapnil now looks clearly overweight with cheeks that are too much rounded out .

    His first love interest ( Sai Tamhankar ) then walks in wearing sexy clothes . The gang is mesmerised . One of them describes her as a beauty .
    Now can someone tell me from what angle does Sai looks like a beauty ?? In fact she too is slightly overweight . Her real claim to fame is giving bold bikini shots in other films and photoshoots .
    But this does not make her beautiful .
    In fact Swapnil's mother Varsha Usgaonkar still looks better than actresses half her age , and is in fact the best looking female in the film .

    The college capers and antics that Swapnil's gang carried out were silly to say the least . The leader of the gang ( called DSP in the film ) does not look as strong as he is made out to be and the other members of the gang are as thin as scarecrows....

    The leader of the rival gang in the college walks and acts like a homo . Now I have never heard of a gang which has a leader who has these homo like tendencies and yet his gang members follow him .

    Many of the big mouth dialogues that these people spout are in hindi !! Cant they spout big shot marathi dialogues ??

    Now another girl comes in Swapnil's life . The gang makes her fall for Swapnil by using a juvenile prank that wouldn't convince even a mentally retarded person , but we are supposed to believe that this girl falls for it.....

    Sai starts to get jealous of this new girl....

    But by this time I was getting disgusted and walked out of the cinema hall---not to return.....

    Verdict---Though I am not in a position to say anything about the complete film , whatever I saw of the film was a waste of time.

    And of course , walking out of a film's screening is an expression of opinion....
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    You're not the only one who hated this movie. :) I've heard terrible reviews about it from some others too! And agreed, the casting choices were terrible!

    The only good Marathi movies nowadays are the ones starring Atul Kulkarni.
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    It is not the age but the skill that matters to convert a thirty plus actor to a college goer...Remember Aamir Khan and his friends in three idiots...

    BTW , I heard, if not specifically mentioned, it is asumed the hero of a Indian movie is aged below thirty... :D
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